2 12"JL w3's or 1 12" w6v2????

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by FcAvalanche04, Mar 31, 2003.

  1. Right now I've got 2 12" JL w3's and a JL 500/1 amp. What do you guys think is better. Two 12" w3's or 1 12" w6v2. Thanks.
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    ....2 12"s are always going to have more surface area than 1 12", which means they're going to push more air. W6's have more travel than W3's, but not enough to make up for having twice the surface area. If you are going for volume, stick with 2-12"s.

    Sound quality-wise, it's not going to matter much - the box, car, other components, etc are going to play a bigger part.

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