2 gaming system choices, help me decide!

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    I have a AMD 3500+ 2.21ghz 1gig ram and video card is Gforce 6800

    I want to upgrade, get a nice clean transfer of all my current files to a new computer. Here are 2 options I have, let me know if they are significant and long lasting upgrades from my current setup.
    First one:
    This system is Mega Powerful for Gaming or running Multithreaded Apps. Whatever you need from a system, this beast likely has it!

    Here's the tech sheet:

    AMD Phenom 2 945 Processor (3.0GHz, 4 cores)
    MSI 790GX Motherboard (High-end AMD chipset)
    4GB G.Skill PC8500 DDR2 RAM
    nVidia 9800GX2 1GB Video card (dual GPUs!)
    1TB Western Digital Black HDD (the fastest 1TB drive)
    Corsair 620 Watt Power Supply
    22X SATA DVD burner
    Antec 300 case
    Windows Seven (Ultimate, RC, 64-Bit)

    I benchmarked it with 3DMark06, and at all stock speeds, it scored a 15632.

    Second one:
    wanted to build a solid system around the Phenom 2 processors, but this WAY overachieved what I thought possible.

    Here's the rundown of components:

    Processor-AMD X2 550 Black (Specific stepping chosen for OC ability)
    Heatsink-OCZ Vendetta 2
    RAM-4GB G.Skill PC8000 DDR2 (2X2GB)
    Motherboard-Gigabyte MA785G-UD3H
    Video Card-HIS HD4890 1GB
    Hard Drive-Hitachi 500GB SATA2
    Power Supply-Corsair HX520 (Modular)
    Case- Silverstone PS02B with added 140mm top fan
    Optical- Pioneer 212 DVD burner
    OS-Windows 7 Ultimate RC 64-Bit

    This CPU is unlocked to be a quad core and runs STABLY at 3.94GHz, all 4 cores (OCCT verified). With only 5% overclocking on the Video card, this system pulled a 17574 3DMark06 score, with a CPU rating of 5698 (faster than an i7 920 or i7 940 at stock speeds). CPU temps under 100% load over hours never broke 55 celcius, well below the TDP for this processor, so it's not going to burn out on you 3 months down the road. For overall performance, nothing in this price category even comes close!!

    I play mainly FPS but I do want an all around upgrade while keeping the gaming a priority.
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    Why are you going AMD for both? I would go i5 with your budget.

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    They are just what I found.

    Found this with i5:
    • Intel Core i5 750
    • 4GB PC3-12800 (2x2GB)
    • 500G SATA2 Hard Drive
    • 22x DVD+/-RW Drive
    • ATI Radeon HD 4890 1G
    • Onboard GB Lan
    • Vista Home Premium 64bit
    • Intel P55 Chipset
    For $1170.

    Much better?

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