SRS 2 somewhat Ex encounters in one day.

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Swak, Nov 16, 2006.

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    My story of yesterday. This has no real point but just to document my day as it was a strange day for me.

    Yesterday I planned to see Borat with an old friend in which she invited her old friend to go with us, I was fine with it since it didn't bother me. Of course I have dated the girl once before so after not seeing her for a few years it was interesting to see her out of nowhere. Anyways we see the movie and than after I tease her for not hanging around anymore and she goes home to the guy she has been living with for I am guessing the past few years. My friend, my cousin and I go to Poquito Mas to get dinner in which I run into my ex,ex,ex girlfriends sister. I plainly ignored her since I really didn't want to discuss where I have been, but I knew she recognized me. She kept eyeing me until we left with our food. Now of course this is where the shit ends and I go upon my day. But my head decides to have a dream of my the ex girlfriend with the sister. In which I run into her and we start talking and she breaks down and talks about how she misses me. But the biggest issue in the dream to me was that I purchased a Wii in the dream but I didn't get it because it was the incorrect order for the system. :wtc:

    This isn't a parody. Seriously that was my dream and that is how i felt.

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