2000 S10...Finish my project! (southwest michigan)

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    2000 S10

    Rebuilt title

    4cyl 18,000 miles

    3 doors

    No power windows/locks

    Truck has AC relocated to the glovebox so the air gauges could be placed in the stock AC place. Truck has a brand new drivers door as my mom backed in to the old one, left a small dent in the body line on the old door. Truck has shaved doors (50 lb Autoloc solenoids), shaved antenna (relocated to under wiper cowl), shaved gas door (no relocated yet), shaved tailgate handle (Sir Michaels Relocater). Front bagged with SD cups, Contitech 2600 airbags, 2" Belltech spindles, ½ line ran to the back with tire valve stems on end of line to let air in and out. Rear has KP 6link with SD raised gastank crossmember. Have a set of 2b7's for the rear just haven't installed them. Also SD 8” bridge kit welded in with a hole in the underside of the drivers side to allow the taillight harness to come through so the install is clean. Truck sits on the crossmember underneath in the rear but with a new one from SD the rear will lay and the front will lay with some smaller tires. Have a brand new 2003 s10 grille/headlights/clears/front bumper. Truck still has primer spots from where stuff was shaved and bed is a brand new take off that is white. Also maybe include two brand new Viair 400 compressors, 2 slim 5 gallon tanks (stripped of the junk gelcoat), 2 KP dual needle gauges, KP single needle gauge, 2 relays, 2 SMC water traps, 4 3/8 SMC valves on T's tapped for guage line, 1/8 gauge line, black 10 switchbox, and pressure switch. Probably forgetting a lot. This is how the truck sits now, but I will put the gastank back in to show that it runs. Bed hasn't been cut yet, so you can decided if you want to raise the whole bed floor, cut a hole, or weld in some tubs/notch cover, etc. Rear part of frame has been stripped of its undercoating and is bare right now but I can paint it if you want for something. Has axle is in primer but can paint. Make me a reasonable offer. You can email me at [email protected] as I dont check here often


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