2001 Camaro SS in a BMW fun run...

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    So, before anybody wants to know exactly how badly I got beat down by the BMW's, forget about it, because I didn't. Needless to say the car did an awesome job of holding it's own, and I think I destroyed alot of people's misconceptions about the Camaros capabilities today.

    I showed up at the meeting spot, and there were alot of cars present. There were numerious BMW M3 Coupes, a Handful of modded out Mini-Coopers, a supercharged 3 series sedan, a TT 350Z, more WVo's then you could shake a stick at, and an ungodly overpowered 300Z

    Out of the 25+ cars present, me, a modded C5 Corvette, and two Mustangs were the only 4 domestics present :wall:


    TT 350Z with my Camaro.


    Mini Coopers were in the mix.


    More EVO's and Subies then ever...

    So what was it like you ask? We headed out of the woodlands are started to drive down some backroads a hell of alot faster then we should have been going. When the group took off, I was about the fifth car from the front, with a silver M3 in front of me, and a blue MINI cooper behind me. A few EVO's were up front, with a Black BMW leading the pack.

    As soon as we got clear, we started playing follow the leader through a lot of twists and turns, and the Camaro really started to get a workout. I tailed the silver M3 while I followed his line, and did a pretty damn good job with keeping up with him. On the straighter, longer roadways I would leave the transmission in 4th gear and just tag the throttle, and when it got really twisty, I would leave it in third and work the throttle to get through the turns. That proved to be more then adequete to keep the BMW's and the M3's in my view. The Mini Cooper behind me would get smoked in the straightaways, but eventually when we slowed down some more to navigate some turns, more often then not he would come zooming up in my rear view mirror.

    It got really interesting on the straighaways though. One of the things that people would do was pass the slower cars when they had a chance or when the opportunity presented itself. That being said, the Mini Cooper got passed by a black M3, and when the road started to open up, I had a silver M3 in front, and a Black M3 behind me.

    I think the owners were surprised to find out that the F-Body couldn't get pushed around. The silver M3 was unable to leave me, and the black M3 behind me was unable to pass. On straighways, towards the top of 4th gear for me, *115MPH or so* I would be GLUED to the Silver M3's bumper, and would have to lay off the gas. If I had really pushed it, I could have passed him... but I didn't. The black M3 would still be a few lenghts back, but he could have just been keeping his distance.

    Two main points I noticed about the Camaros performance. Before this event, somebody had mentioned that my stock suspension would probably leave me hanging out to dry. Fortunetly, this did not prove to be the case. THe M3's did have an edge over me, a point that made itself obvious on when one section of the road had several off camber twists and turns tha tended to make the car shift its weight back and forth irratically. One this section, the Camaro started to fall behind the silver M3 as the car was definetly able to navigate that section better then me. However, as the road straightened out, it was justa matter of pegging the gas to catch up. The gap between my car and the BMW's car surprisingly was not a big as most people tend to blow it up to be. It really makes me wonder what a few modifications would do for it.

    Secondly, there was one section where the Camaro had a definite performance advantage over the BMWs, and that was tight, 90 degree turns taken at around the 45-50 MPH range. And there were actually a few of those to be sure. When we would slow down, I would whip the Camaro around, and shift into second at around 50 MPH. The Camaro would just dig and hook and just lauch off, wherein the BMWs seemed to get hung up... perhaps maybe because they just didn't have the RPM's built up or that was a weak point for them. Netherless, Im sure that got irratating after a while for that black M3 that was following me.

    There was one nerve racking oh shit moment. A little into the path, I lost sight of the silver M3 in front which really caused me to slow down, because I didn't know the turns and I didn't have a path to follow. Eventually, the road straightened out, and up ahead I could see the silver car. So I just said, "FUCK IT." and went WOT to try to run him down. I was nearing the top of 4th gear when I saw him start braking and then turn off. I assumed it was a gradual turn that you could carry some speed through, so I started applying gas gradually. I coasted over the rise and saw instead it was a solid, off camber 120-130 degree turn with a telophone pole strategically placed. HOLY SHIT! So i laid into the brakes, and it was a full panic, ABS initiated plow right into the turn. It was like a GT4 race gone horribly wrong, except with no reset button. Somehow, I mange to get the car down to about 50 MPH, where I yanked the steering wheel and got the back end to go around. I shifted into second and the back tires managed to hook, successfully getting me around the turn. I looked in the rearview mirror to see the black M3 go around this same turn, then I see a Mini Cooper go SAILING off the edge and almost avoided the pole, instead almost getting tangled in the bushes instead. It was truly one of those what the fuck moments.

    After that, we stopped and let the cars cool off. By that times, brake fluids were boiling, clutches were getting mushy, and tires were starting to lose their grip.

    As for the Camaro, the car preformed awesome. The transmission (m6) never got stuck or started giving me problems. Once again Michelin makes a badass set of tires, and the car never gave me any problems. The engine was able to hold and sustain upper RPM's for nearly an hour, and the temperature guage never gave any indication that the engine was hurting.

    The only problem that I had, and one that I expected would, was the brakes. F-Bodies notoriouy have shitty brakes from the factory, and this was no exception. Since it was still the GM stock ones, the rotors were warped within 15 minutes into the drive, and by the time I had to initiate the panic stop, the brake and steering wheel were pulsating so bad that I was about to start letting people pass me up and let it go easy. However, they did manage to keep me on the road when I needed them, so they didn't fail or fade on me.

    All in all, the car surprised alot of people, including me. Before hand, I had asked how it would go, and I got awnsers ranging from, "Don't bother to show up," to "You'll rape 90% of the BMW's out there."

    But what I did find out was the car was definetly a strong runner. While it didn't exactly circle to competition, it was more then able to hold it's own against the German cars and let people know that antiquated, solid rear axle performance cars are not something to be treated lightly.

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