2003 Kirkland, WA Concours (pictures)

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    I finally found a good photo hosting site so I uploaded pictures from LAST year's Kirkland Concours that some of the folks might be interested in:

    You can click on the "original" link under the photo to get a bigger image.

    Last year's Ferraris at the show included (plus one or two more):
    1949 Ferrari 166mm

    1953 Ferrari 340 America

    1956 Ferrari 290MM

    1957 Ferrari 250LWB California Spider
    1966 Ferrari 275GTB

    1994 F1

    plus all these:
    1979 Ferrari F1 312-T4
    1990 Ferrari F40
    1995 Ferrari F50
    1962 Ferrari 250GTO
    1964 Ferrari 250 LM
    1966 Ferrari 275GTS
    1953 Ferrari 375MM Vignale
    1967 Ferrari 275GTB
    1970 Ferrari 365 GTB4
    1969 Ferrari 246 Dino

    This year (if it's sunny and i go, etc., etc.) I'll shoot RAW and not jpeg so I'll be able to get more consistent color from the day.

    The 2004 show is scheduled for 9/11/2004... info at:
    (no affiliation, yada, yada, yada... I just hope there are more cool cars this year, again!)

    Enjoy as much as you like for personal use.

    -Dave Quick
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    Thanks! Some beautiful Ferrari's in there

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