2004/2005 3.2TL

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by DINide, Oct 19, 2007.

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    Chi Town
    my dad is looking to get one. any differences between the 2 years? any tranny issues?

    they range from $22K to $30K depending on mileage. not bad.
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    i think the 04 were having the same tranny issues as the 03 models. they had the same motor and tranny as the previous generation TL...
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    '04/'05/'06's all have a problem with the AT. On a hot day with the A/C on and sitting in traffic once you hit the gas it pretty much goes nowhere. It's so slow and sluggish and it literally feels like you are taking off in 2nd or 3rd gear until vtec comes into play. Even then it still doesn't feel right. I replaced a couple parts trying to figure out what the problem was.

    My opinion on that issue is that the tranny is overheating and thus limiting power or the car is pulling timing to limit the amount of power so the tranny doesn't break. It also may have something to do with the drive by wire system in it too. I tried to figure a way to put a tranny cooler on it but it was too difficult so I just gave up on that idea. I got so frustrated with it that I got rid of it and well that solved the problem right there.

    If he is looking at the 6 speed they have a 3rd gear issue but some GM Syncromesh Friction Modified clears all those problems right up.

    Also on the '04's they had to install an oil jet kit on the tranny because it was getting too hot. The oil jet kits were factory installed on all '05's and up. Also, the seats in the '04 showed "butt prints" really badly. In '05 they added another section to the seat bottom which fixed that.

    The car was great though. There were a lot of things that I disliked about it (mainly all quality control issues) but there were a lot of things I liked.

    Things I disliked...
    Hesitation when hot/Tranny problems (big one IMHO)
    Panel fitment issues
    Cheap ass leather? more like Pleather
    Brakes (boiled the stock fluid a couple times normal daily driving and had to swap the fluid for some ATE super blue which fixed my air in the lines issue)
    Stock 17's (bent 3 of the 4 rims and I didn't hit any big potholes at all)
    Vibration at certain RPM's

    Things I loved...
    Comfy seats
    Roomy interior
    Quick for an AT
    Quiet cabin
    Looks with A-spec body kit

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