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Should they let the 1994 bill sunset and not renew part or all of it?

  1. YES - they should let it sunset, its just guvmint red tape and a waste

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  2. NO - They should re-pass most or all of it for the safety of the people of the US

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  3. SORTA - maybe they hould keep the NICs checks and such

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  4. YOU IS A FOOL - Never believe what people tell ya, this bill does not sunset, we are stuck with it f

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  1. SpikeLS1

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    Portions of the Federal 1994 "assault weapons ban" sunset in 2004 apparently, at least from what people are telling me. They seem to know what they are talking about, but maybe not. Please post here if you know or have heard differently

    With the new Republican held House and Senate it seems at least likely they will allow the bill to sunset and not re-pass the regs... the 10 round magazine limit will sunset, as will the illegality of building a "domestic assault weapon". Apparently in September of '04, unless something is passed before then, all of our "post-ban" AR15s and other domestic rifles will suddenly become "pre-ban" again and we can mount flash hiders and collapsible stocks and such... and 30 round mags can again be built. This sunset has no effect on the import guns, since there is a seperate 1989 (I think) law that controls them as well.

    Has anyone heard, or does anyone know if the NICs check procedure is also going to "sunset" as well? The folks I was talking to were not sure.

    Just wondering what everyone thinks about this possibility?
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    i wouldn't expect NIC to go anywhere, everyone's got pretty cozy with the system. If you gotta do a background check, it's faster anyway.

    As for the other restrictions, yes, your sources are correct, the bill sunsets in '04.

    Sadly, i think it's wishful thinking to assume that something won't take it's place to carry on at least some of the restrictions.

    2004 is when Bush is up for his second term. While he may be willing to support changes (although he's been quoted as saying he's in favor of 10rd mag limits), i have a feeling he'd wanna go status quo until his second term was almost up. While it would be great to do away with useless restrictions that only law-abiding citizens obey, i'm pessimistic about any major changes before 2007 or so.

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