ART 285HV Mod?


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Apr 11, 2008
San Francisco, CA
Just finished, I am happy with it and it works :big grin:



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Apr 11, 2008
San Francisco, CA
Well it is fucking tight as hell in there and was pretty stressful. I am going to school for electrical engineering and am proficient at soldering. That being said, it is very doable, and the hardest part was putting it back together.

1. remove the 4 screws at the bottom.
2. remove 1 screw on the left side under the tilt head (might need to twist the head to see it.
3. remove 1 screw on the right side of the head just as you did in step 2.
4. Everything should come apart now
5. there is a bigg copper plasticky thing near the hot shoe, solder a ground wire to that.
6. The other end of that wire will get soldered to the ground (outside metal) of the 3.5mm mono jack.
7. The orange wire coming from the hotshoe is the next wire. I soldered a wire down in the hotshoe itself, this seems tight but a wellplaced solder joint will get the job done
8. the other end of this wire goes to the other contact of the miniphone jack
9. drill the hole so that just the inside diameter of the jack will go through.
10. Once the other ends of the wires are connected to the jack, push it through and tighten the outside nut for it.
11. time to put it back together. Replace anything you disconnected (I did on the front piece, it was the speaker and status led's I believe)
12. cram it all backtogether, the jack has to be navigated around the left status led, thats the only hard part.
13. replace the 6 screws (make sure the metal parts they screw into are still all there)
14. test everything
15. donezo

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