2nd annual calgary motorcycle exhibit

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Sexy_Sweet16, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. Sexy_Sweet16

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    Who here attended this event?Im leaving here in a bit to go again I went yesterday and was not dissapointed.The bikes were awesome and the layout was awesome and the guys were awesome!!!!I will have pics in a few days I have to get them developed (manual camera owns me) but some of those bikes boy I gotta tell ya..I would love to feel that power between my legs :bowdown:
  2. car54

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    what type honda elite do you own? a 50cc?
  3. Sexy_Sweet16

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  4. car54

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    nice. I have two 2000 Elite 50's among my other bikes. mos tfun machines I own.

    one has 5500 miles and it has a rejetted carb, proma expansion pipe, and a variator, good for 45mph.

    the second one has a 72cc kit and all the goodies to go along with it, and tops out around 65-70mph.

    This picture is the lower powered one that I use for racing. I race pocketbikes at local indoor gokart tracks.


    and racing at the track..


    The elite is more fun than any motorcycle I own, not to mention the only one I can ride flat out without getting a ticket. :)

    Hold onto it, they rock!

    You can make it go 45mph (72 km/h for you silly canadians :) ) for about $50

  5. Sexy_Sweet16

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    OH SWEEEEEEET thats so cool!!! lol how the hell did u wheelie that?? and its orange me like me like.(my fave color) thats pretty neat.Thanks for the link!
  6. car54

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    The scooters are from Kozmo.com so I really didnt have a color choice... (an internet based delivery company in Washington DC and New York that went under about a year ago) www.kozmoscooters.com A website run by my freind who bought 23 of their scooters, and I got two of them for less than $200 each. I originally imagined they would make good pitbikes since I do alot of track riding and racing on my TL1000R, but then I researched them and came up with boatloads of hopup parts for them. You can easily make an elite faster than most compact cars..

    As for wheelieing it, its simple.. give it full throttle, once the clutch locks up and the motor revs up around 2mph, yank up on the bars and itll come right up, and go completely over if your not careful. Both of mine will try to wheelie right off a stoplight now that they are modified.

    Its nice to meet someone else who rides an elite. I met my current gf when I was out riding and I ran into her riding a yamaha zuma.
  7. Sexy_Sweet16

    Sexy_Sweet16 Guest

    ok heres the link to my site where the pics are located go take a gander and have fun!


    Do I have to import those accessories and parts?

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