SRS 3 year anniversary coming up with the GF. Need some ideas

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Enron John, Apr 28, 2006.

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    honestly, i do not know what to do for her.

    we are going on trips this summer so thats out of the question. i would like to do something from the heart for her.

    anyone got any good ideas of something that i can make or something that will blow her mind?

    she already made me a book 1.5 years ago with pictures of places and things we have done together, so i really can't take that idea

  2. RedDawg

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    well i was going to suggest buying her a new digital camera and empty photo books for your summer trips, but then i read the last line and kinda blew that idea out of the water lol. For valentine's day this year i made 3 dozen hershey kiss roses for my SO, if you want the website with directions how to make them it was
    What does she do for work, are you both/her still in school, need a little more info about the both of you to come up with some ideas

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