3000 mile round trip coming up. Help a nukka out

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by [email protected], Sep 8, 2007.

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    Well, the time is rapidly approaching to where my buddy and I are riding our bikes from Seattle, Wa to Las Vegas, Nv. We will be leving Sept. 24th. Google maps says it's 1183 miles one way and a 19 hour drive. This will be my first long ride. We will be outfitted with full leathers for the trip and walki talkies in our helmets as we can communicate on the tedious ride. We are going to try and make it in a day. I HONESTLY don't even know if that is possible, but what I do know is I am going to be ONE SORE PUPPY when we hit Vegas. My buddy and I share the same B-Day and just turned 21, so this being a milestone in our life we want to do it big. We each have about 3 years of riding under our belts, but haven't gone further than a few hundred miles at a time.

    What should we expect? We will only have our backpacks as a means for carying things. We are mailing some clothes to our hotel so they get there a day or so before we do, so we don't have to worry about all that jazz.

    I am honestly at this point more nervous than I am excited only because of the lengthy commitment this is going to be.

    I will be on my 94 CBR 600F2
    He will be on his 07 ZX6-R

    Any advice? Any Anything?
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    Honestly? you should plan 2 days because every gas stop will turn into 20-30 minute or longer break to stretch. Also the google maps don't really take into account traffic and construction so figure adding at the minimum 2 hours to their estimate on top of the time used at each gas stop/break.
    If you need to rest, rest. If anything, find a rest stop and crash under a picnic table. 2 hour power nap does wonders.
    Remember this, in Nevada, the desert can go from 90-100 degrees in the day to almost freezing at night. It's a huge change in temps so take that into account.

    Take cash as well as credit card. Take water and if you can't do more than 150 miles per tank, consider a small 1 gallon gascan. If you are riding through NV at night, you aren't going to see much traffic and cell phone signals can be pretty sporadic so make sure you have your toolkits in case something happens and know how to fix shit yourself. At least with a riding partner you can ride together into the next town but you wouldn't like to leave your bike sitting on the side of the road too long.
    ALSO, if you are riding at night, consider adding a set of driving lights. Out here we have all kinds of shit that walks out in front of you on the roads. Hitting a coyote at 70 at night is not fun.

    Lastly, you might as well get your certifications since it's over 1000 miles. I've racked up almost a dozen :)

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    def make it a 2 day trip. i just did a 6k mile trip on my 600rr with no troubles.

    like the guy above said, gas stops take longer than 2 mins. make sure to hydrate at every stop if you dont have a camelpak. stretch, stand up, do whatever to keep your body moving while on the bike (at least every 10-15 mins)

    stop every 100-150 miles, it will make the later parts of the day MUCH better. Stop more often if your tired, even if it was just after 50-60 miles.

    if you dont have some sort of softer seat (although ur seat will be fine, ur buddy's might not) think about getting like an air pillow or something to use. i used an airhog because my dad bought it for me to use for the trip so he could have it afterwards for his bike. it def helped but if your use to doing a lot of long rides you may be ok. i'm generally fine 2-300 miles a day on my bike, but it def helped since i rode 500 mile days consecutively.

    basically unless your going for an IB make it 2 days. even on the interstate you'll feel much better breaking it up. if not 2 days then leave at like midnight and try to schedule a little siesta somewhere around mid-morning/noon for a few hours to try to recharge. this should help what i like to call "brain drain" which is basically the law that the more tired you are the more "stupid" mistakes you'll make.

    be safe and enjoy vegas.

    also see if you can't take the PCH for some of it.. i hear its nice. i plan on taking it in 2 years when i take a dualsport up to alaska.

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