4G Maxima SE vs. 6G Honda Accord... Info? Opinions?

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by EdgeCat, Jun 11, 2003.


Which of these is the best car for $12k?

  1. '97-'99 Nissan Maxima SE 5-speed

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  2. '98-'00 Honda Accord Sedan V6 Auto

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  3. '98-'00 Honda Accord Coupe V6 Auto

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  4. '98-'00 Honda Accord Coupe I4 5-speed

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  1. EdgeCat

    EdgeCat Guest

    Okay, I'm debating between these 2 for my next daily driver. I had originally set my sights on a Prelude, but the lack of a back seat and trunk space have pretty much killed it.

    I've got $12k max to spend. This is going to be a daily driver for the most part, with very minor mods (I/E/suspension) done to it. I need something that will hold its value well, be extremely reliable, relatively fun to drive stock, have good interior/trunk space, good power (not super fast, but not slow either), etc.

    I honestly don't know a lot about these cars besides what I've read on forums and in magazines. What are your opinions on the cars I've picked, and differences in transmissions vs. power? Thanks guys. :)
  2. Mantis

    Mantis Guest

    i personally think you should reconsider your decision to throw out the prelude. i'd take a prelude over the maxima and accord. but you're right, back seat is useless, trunk is even worse.

    but of those choices, i'd go with the maxima. i think the accord would be lots funner to drive and the aftermarket is more extensive. but given the V6 comes only in auto, i'd go with the maxima. the accord automatic is shit. worst auto tranny ever made.

    both will hold their resale value pretty well. the accord may be a little better in that respect, but the maxima is just in a class of its own. go with the nissan.
  3. TriShield

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  4. EdgeCat

    EdgeCat Guest

    Yeah, but in the last week or two, I've lugged around at least a couple extra passengers, and made trips with full trunks. From what I understand, anything over a weekly trip to the grocery store is too much for the Prelude, and putting a person in the back seat of one is committing a human rights violation. For now, I need something with good cargo space and interior room. :dunno:
  5. G-Gore

    G-Gore Guest

    For $12k you might get already '00 Maxima... you should also consider that. I don't know much about Accords but my uncle has a '99 Maxima SE and he is all happy about it. It has been already 3 years of driving it and so far no probs. Realy good handling and enough power to pull fully loaded car on a highway. The engine in '97-'99 models is the best V6 Nissan ever used in Maxima - lots of bolt-on mods. Tranny has Sport/Econo switch - so you can drive as you feel like. Some models comes with Bose sound system - no need to upgrade :) Try to get both cars for a test drive and you will know which one to choose.
  6. Mantis

    Mantis Guest

    what a coincidence, i happened to drive an accord coupe v6 yesterday. and i'll say i was quite impressed. it has a pretty sport ride to it. the power was ok, not great. and i still stand by what i said earlier about the transmission, a 5 speed in this thing would really help, A LOT. other than that, it's a fun car to drive, handles well. better than the maxima IMO. doesn't have the "boat" feeling i get when driving the maxima. get the accord coupe, swap in a 5 speed and the maxima engine, and you'll have the best of both worlds. :bigthumb:
  7. EdgeCat

    EdgeCat Guest

    Yeah, it's really unfortunate that they waited until this newest model to put a 5/6 speed transmission into the Accords (now that they're rediculously expensive). Had a 5 speed V6 been available 4 years ago when I bought the Cougar, I'd be driving an Accord right now. Granted, the I4 + 5 speed option is always available, but I love the characteristics of a strong V6. Decisions, decisions. :hs:

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