50 things she WISHES you knew...

Discussion in 'Archives' started by Gyro, Dec 18, 2001.

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    50 things she WISHES you knew...

    1. Saying "I love you" immediately before, during, or after sex doesn't count.

    2. Real men drive stick

    3. I will leave if you lie.<sorry>

    4. You are cute in raglan-sleeved T-shirts (two-toned baseball undershirts)

    5. I'm convinced I'm pregnant and obsess about it for 24 to 48 hours before my period, even when i have no reason to think so.

    6. I love it when you hug me from behind and whisper into my ear.

    7. "Fine" is never an appropriate response when I ask you how I look.

    8. Most of the time when I fantasize, it's about you.

    9. I'm terrified of becoming my mother, even though I admire her.

    10. I get turned on simply seeing that I have an e-mail from you.

    11. I expect you to call me.

    12. Only rock stars are allowed to wear leather pants.

    13. I'm scared of losing my independance.

    14. I'm more forgiving of you than I should be.

    15. Oral sex is your get-out-of-the-dog-house-free card.

    16. You did something bad. I seem cool with it. I'm not.

    17.If i'm not having sex with you, <A> having a fat day; <B> not feeling "connected" to you; <C> blackmailing you to get something I want.

    18. Shoes determine whether you're fashionable or not.

    19. I own a Debbie Gibson CD and i'm not afraid to use it.

    20. When I compare my tummy to a kangaroo pouch, say nothing.

    21. A man I love plans the occassional fancy-shmancy dress up sate and impromptu weekend getaways, and he buys my favorite candy in advance when we're just going to the movies.

    22. You look hot in hooded clothing items.

    23. You should never tell me what to do.

    24. If I slept over, you owe me breakfast.

    25. My breasts LOVE much licking and sucking.

    26. If you ask me out directly, I will say yes.

    27. I'm very impressed when you ask for my advice.

    28. I'm unimpressed with a man who doesn't take the lead.

    29. When in doubt, go with a shirt that matches your eye color.

    30. I want to be Madonna.

    31. Women get urinary tract infections. So watch (and wash) your finders.

    32. I'm in heaven when you hold my hand.

    33. You're sexy when you're shaving, fixing stuff, wearing white T-shirts and jeans, driving, eating a peach, holding a baby.

    34. I need to hear how you feel about me. OFTEN. Tell me now.

    35. Suprises, especially gifts for ME = MORE LOVING.

    36. I want to be the best thing that's ever hapened to you. And for you to recognize this.

    37. If I'm not feeling loved, I will start looking...

    38. Discussion of ex-bf's and ex-gf's should be avoided at all costs.

    39. I like it when you tell me what you're thinking even if you don't know yourself.

    40. Celebrating our anniversary, even if it's only been a few months, earns major bonus points.

    I love it when you're sweaty.

    42. It's best to consult your gal-pals for gift ideas.

    43. A lady should always be greeted with kisses.

    44. I like porn.

    45. I love holding your ass in the palms of my hands.

    46. Even nice girls like hushed dirty talk in public.

    47. It's cheating as soon as you're doing something with her that you wouldn't want me to see, hear, read...

    48. For the record: I'd rather you break up with me than cheat.

    49. I remember EVERYTHING from our relationship.

    50.You should know all this without me telling you.

    (taken from a Men's Health mag, also hot-linked on collegehumor.com)
  2. Bolicious

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    Aug 5, 2000
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    Castle Rock, CO
    I'ld say it's on the money. I still have to do #11 tonight with a girl I'm dating.
  3. Midgetized

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    May 29, 2000
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    San Diego, CA
    Agreed on everything except #2, 5, 9, 12, 18, 19, 30, 41

    and I especially agree on 3, 6, 38, 47, 48
  4. Guest

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    Wow. That's so right it's scary.
  5. what was this published in?? i remember reading it a while ago...??

  6. wow, im a jackass, i guess i should try reading it all the way though..???
  7. nucl3ar

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    The leather pants thing is pretty damn funny because it brings up a personal story. At a party last year in our townhouse one of my roommates and his brother both wore black leather pants. His brother even had on silver shoes. Everyone made fun of them the whole night. They claimed we just didn't "know fashion". Last time I checked the town they were from looked like it came straight out of an LL Bean catalog, I wouldn't exactly call that fashion.
  8. Gyro

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    yea mostly common sence, but there is some good tips in here...

    6. I love it when you hug me from behind and whisper into my ear.
    13. I'm scared of losing my independance.
    26. If you ask me out directly, I will say yes.
    27. I'm very impressed when you ask for my advice.
    28. I'm unimpressed with a man who doesn't take the lead.

    yea some guys are really dumb. I've dated girls who don't have a clue about how to have a relationship... So I guess it works both ways.:fawk:
  9. GrassHopper

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    Jan 3, 2001
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    Some charity BS for knocked-up teen
    My personal favorite:

    31. Women get urinary tract infections. So watch (and wash) your finders

    What's my car have anything to do with urinary tract infections? And you misspelled fenders.:big grin:
  10. Gyro

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    I didn't type it up
  11. trackstar400

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    May 8, 2001
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    da peg
    my girlfriend likes #44 alot
  12. These are my personal favorites with an emphasis on 10, 11, 25, 34, and especially 33. :big grin:

    Now, let's hope my guy stumbles in here to see this. ;)
  13. Yep

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    Jan 22, 2001
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    South Jersey
    I think it was in Men's Health.

    BTW Is it me or are all these men's magazines completly off-track? I got a free trial subscription to Men's Health, GQ, and Maxim.

    Maxim is all chicks.
    Men's Health has no useful information.
    And GQ I haven't even flipped through yet.
  14. Guest

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    Good Stuff :p
    Great stuff to get hoocked up. But you can't hide your trueself in long relationship. Some are reasonable things you should learn and some are just somethings that mask your true self. (Unless the person reading happens to be the Mr. Perfect for many girls)

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