A&P 50mm 1.4 @ friend's late bday celeb

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    I was in invited to GoKartRacer, a indoor go karting facility. It was awesome, had a ton of fun(with the exception of getting t-boned). I've been there probably about 4 times now, and I've always had fun. It's a bit pricey, but when you're with your homies, it's worth it. I was planning to take pictures during the practice run, but the cashier rung me up for a Grand Prix(Practice + race). I didn't do too well, cause I floored it all the way through, causing a shit-ton of wheel hop. After realizing braking decreased my lap times 4 seconds, I was on it :mamoru:.

    These were all shot with F1.4 at various ISOs.

    Bday boy
    [​IMG]Draggin knee. I had to tuck myself underneath a pinball game to get this shot.
    [​IMG]Yes, w/b is off.
    [​IMG]Yup, my panning could use some work.

    I dunno, he kinda looks like a monkey in this one :mamoru:

    Note: Do not bring your GF out to these things. Things can go seriously wrong.
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