600 watt mrd-m300 alpine mono v12

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by jhb123us, Jan 22, 2004.

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    Does anyone know anything about this amp and how to set it the best way? Currently I have 1, 12" directed studio in a band pass. It sounds really good and people are surprised to find out I only have 1 sub. I'm curious to know if I can get more out of it? I have an 8 gauge power wire, do you think if I bought a 4 gauge it would help? One more ?, what do you think is the best position for my box, which way do you think the ports should be facing? ps, its in a 97 taurus.
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    Oct 9, 2003
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    4 awg wire won't do anything for that amp. It's made for 8 awg. Normally you should face the ports towards the back of the car but try moving it around.
  3. jhb123us

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    the sub is a dvc, i ran it parrelle, is that the best way to run it?
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    Is your amp digital for all the settings such as crossover and gain? I have the MRD500 and its completely digital. It didn't sound very loud compared to other amps I had, so I went to alpine's website, and they had a datasheet for tuning the amps to get the most sound out of it.
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    Yeah, its all digital. How did that webiste help? Is you amp pushing your subs better now?
  6. 04

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    What is the impedence of the voice coils on the subwoofer?

    What is the minimum reccomended impedence load for the amplifier?

    The placement of the box will just have to be done with experimentation. At low frequencies, it wont matter which direction you place it, but at higher ones, it can make a difference.

    8awg wire should work just fine.

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