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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by RedBull, Jan 27, 2008.

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    in one week some LtCol is going to be all up in my mouth with a pair of pliers getting at my wisdom teeth:hs:
  2. ustfdes

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    Dec 21, 2007
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    they had me getting teeth pulled (top rear molars, not wisdom) at Ft Knox the same week of graduation......and i was the Distinguished Honor Graduate, so i had to make a speech at the ceremony. lol, they had excellent timing.

    i had to keep gauze stuffed in my mouth, and i wasnt allowed to spit, even though my mouth was filled with blood half the time. the reason was because i could create a dry socket, which are PAINFUL....sometimes i would wake up, and the pillow would be covered in blood from my was buddy actually send me pictures of it the other day from Ft Hood...a battle buddy from knox.

    good stuff.

    edit: will try to find pics ;x
  3. dmcgill

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    I had all four of mine pulled at boot camp. The only thing that sucked was hearing my teeth being destroyed as they were being pulled out of my mouth. Seriously disturbing sound.

    They'll shoot your mouth with novacaine about six times, pull on your teeth a little and ask if you can feel it...I could, so they shot me up six more times. Twelve shots in my gums and I was numb. That alone feels the worst I think, because at first you feel like you can't swallow. You get used to it as the operation goes on. If you do what they tell you though it will be fine. Just don't think about it.

    You'll have to "eat" liquids for about a week though and clean out the orifices multiple times a day.

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