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    I have a EVGA X58 SLI motherboard. Apparently it supports 8 channel audio out of its rear connector plus this other adapter on the board called the Front Audio Connector which has some pins on the board that you would connect something to. Currently I am just using standard creative PC speakers with the Line-Out (green) plug in the back. A couple things:

    What is the difference between the 8 channel audio out the back and the Front Audio connector and how are they used?

    How do I choose which audio my computer is outputting?

    The 8 channel port on the rear says it does 2-Channel, 6-Channel, or 8-Channel. How do I pick which one it is doing?

    What hardware would I need (cabling, speakers, etc) to make the most out of the audio outputs available whether it be the HD audio or the 8-channel?

    Here is the motherboard manual for anyone who feels like helping:

    Yes I am a complete audio newb.
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    If you only have 2 speakers use the green plug like you are doing. The front audio connector on the motherboard is for if you have headphone/mic jacks in the front of your case.

    If you only have your stereo speakers plugged into the green line out more than likely you will not be able to change it to 6 or 8 channel because that would be pointless with 2 speakers.

    I'm too lazy to download the manual but if you have a multi channel/speaker setup made for a computer then it will have more than one plug to go into the back which would enable you to choose more channel choices. Also if you have an optical output then you can hook that to a home theater receiver and go from there.

    To view/change settings there should be some software with your motherboard.

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