95 integra problem need info please

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by thafox, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. thafox

    thafox Guest

    ok a friend of mine told me that he was drivin it a lil hard an when he shifted he blew the gauge cluster lights,taillights, and some other lights, tryed replacing the fuse but keep's blowing, replaced it with a bigger fuse an still blows it, is this like a common problem or what would u suggest on fixin the problem, thnx for your input in advance
  2. thafox

    thafox Guest

    he shifted hard into 2nd gear, im thinkin that he got somethin loose when he shifted it hard, i could be wrong, that's what he meant by adding in the transmission part
  3. bmxenbrett

    bmxenbrett Guest

    when you blow a fuse a power wire is hitting an ground so it probaly worked somthing lose. does he have an aftermarket stereo? if so i would check there first i had the problem in my civic hatch a while ago. but dont put a bigger fuse in it unless ur trying to burn all the coating off every wire in the car. if its not ther stereo then check all the plugs in the tail lights and every thing else.

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