97' Ranger(Brakes/Power-steering lock/car shuts off)

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by twelch, Jun 28, 2009.

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    Today I was driving on the highway and all of a sudden there was no more power.The truck felt like it was barely on and there was no momentum.It felt like I ran out of gas...but I didnt.

    After a few seconds the brakes go stiff where they barely work and my power steering barely works.

    The truck shut off and that was it
    Its not the battery or alternator or anything like that cause the truck still had juice,it wouldnt turn over though.

    Any helpful comments will help.
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    Probably the alternator.

    Brakes work off the vacuum provided by the engine (except diesels). When the engine shuts off, there's no vacuum. Brakes stiffen up (After a few pumps, enough for you to stop if the engine shuts off).

    The power steering works only when the engine is running, thus explaining why you had none.

    My guess is that when you were driving your alternator pooped out. Car ran, and accessories worked until the battery drained enough for the ECU to not properly function, thus not being able to direct what happens where. Car shut off, but radio/lights still worked. You just didn't realized it was off because some of the electronics were still working.

    Take the alternator off and have it bench/load tested.

    Will the car start if it's jumped? If so, how long before it dies? Will it stay running if you take off one of the battery terminals?

    I'd venture to say the alt though. If you don't want/have the ability to remove it, start the car and check to see what the voltage at the battery terminal is when it's running versus when it's off.
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    x2 there^ if it doesnt work try looking on ranger-forums.com

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