99 Eclipse GSX

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by SlowDSM, Aug 15, 2001.

  1. SlowDSM

    SlowDSM Guest

    Here's mine... the timeslip was on my previous turbo and fmic setup... new setup will be done tomorrow!


  2. SlowDSM

    SlowDSM Guest

    If you weren't kidding, let me point out that my times are on the RIGHT hand side of that slip. :p That time was done with a 20G... I blew up the tranny a while back, so while it's down I decided to clean house. I have a huge FMIC almost on:


    And I should have a FP Green Model turbo on tomorrow. I rebuilt the tranny using EVO shift forks and a GVR4 1st gear... I'm hoping for some mid 11's at around 120mph once it's all back together.
  3. eurodeseo

    eurodeseo The asshole of your dreams

    Oct 31, 2000
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    Damn dude, you're not playing around. Sweet ride :bigthumb:
  4. Short Bus

    Short Bus Beep beep!

    Apr 17, 2001
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    You sir, have a sweet fuckin' ride. :bigthumb:

    I could see myself being lured away from RX-7's if I found a good deal on a '98 or '99 GS-X. :)
  5. Guest

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    :bigthumb: Noice!
  6. Guest

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    loren's car sucks.....
  7. Brandon92DSM

    Brandon92DSM Guest

    lol, yeah better work on that 1.6 sec 60ft and perfect R/T there buddy. ;)

    what clutch do you use?

    top drawer gov. :cool:
  8. SlowDSM

    SlowDSM Guest

    ACT 2600 with a full face organic disk.
  9. Brandon92DSM

    Brandon92DSM Guest

    cool, thats the one i was gonna get for my car, since it seems to be the only one mentioned on the Talon Digest that can really hold. how noticable was the pedal stiffness? enough to make your leg burn in traffic?
  10. SlowDSM

    SlowDSM Guest

    The pedal is heavy, but you get used to it. Now that I have been using this clutch for a while, I don't like the way normal clutches feel. :big grin:
  11. Diablow

    Diablow Guest

    whoa thats a nice eclipse :eek:
    usually I think of them as.....well...I'll shut up since this one is way faster than my GSR :( :flipoff:
  12. nice use of motion blur in the pic
  13. Janice

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    You bastard!! how long have you been on OT?! You must have been a hotties forum lurker!! :bigthumb:

    BTW- Loren loves hot young gay males. Please e-mail him with piks of your erect manhood. :big grin: :fawk:
  14. The Bastard

    The Bastard Guest

    CHRIST!! What are you mods??

    An 11 sec car !! That's damn impressive.

    Should powder coat those rims gun metal, it would look so sweet with your ebony car. Saaawweeeet I say!.

    More pix?

    edit: nevermind, foudn your site.
  15. SlowDSM

    SlowDSM Guest

    Long enough to have seen your ass naked... HAHAH :fawk:

    Biatch! If I get any dood pr0n, I am going to come over there and leave a mushroom tatoo on your forehead!
  16. SlowDSM

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  17. Janice

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    I like my bewbies. :bigthumb:
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  19. Red97GST

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    Hey man, is your new FMIC a spearco core? How big is it and how well does it flow (cfm)? BTW, great car, I remember seeing it as dsm of the month on dsmtalk


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