99 Ford F-150 lariat 4x4 Salvage title/Bad engine/trans

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Bird Person, May 19, 2004.

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    Oct 6, 2003
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    alright I'm hoping some of you truck gurus could give me some help here my parents bought a 99 f-150 in 00 not knowing it was salvage title. According to the carfax report it had flood damage, when they bought the car it looked prefect and ran fine. It started having tranny problems few months back and I guess driving it with the trans problems blew the engine (according to two local shops)

    Now my question is can my parents sell this for any thing. Do people buy salvage title trucks with bad motors? Truck has like 80k miles and no visible signs of rust a few scratches on paint but that’s about it.


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