99 R1 and my 95 M3 Turbo

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Guest, Mar 26, 2002.

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    What do u guys think?

    99 R1 / 95 M3 Turbo
    Miami, FL
  2. vex

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    very nice but you need more pics! especially of the engine bay of that turbo m :drool:
  3. Toy Turbo 2

    Toy Turbo 2 Sabrina, don't just stare at it. Eat it.

    Aug 4, 2001
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    San Francisco
    turbo M3 = the shit!

    can't decide if i should trade for my bro's miata + turbo, or if i should shell out much more $ and get an M3...:sad2:

    hard ass decision
  4. Soltaker

    Soltaker 03-18-2015 #NEVERFORGET

    Mar 15, 2000
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    Deer Park WI
    nice rides! :wackit:
  5. Guest

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    used turbo kit

    I got a used 92-95 325i/is or 95 m3 turbo kit. will pump out 300hp
    for the 325 or 360hp for the m3. has to be manual. list brand new
    is $6000 i'm selling this kit used (3) months old for 5000 shipped
    to any upper 48 US States.

    if i didn't work 7 days a week i'd have a website with mpg's for
    you all to download. there are so many races down here in miami
    it's not even funny. odd thing is they look to race a stock looking
    m3, jokes on them because the kit on my m3 is 480hp :bigthumb:
  6. Red97GST

    Red97GST Guest

    what's the best value for turboing an M3? All i see is like these kits from tuners like AA, that cost like $10,000 just for turbo, plumbing, and software. Seems a bit inflated...

    What's the stock CR on the M3? Can they take any boost on the stock internals? I really think a turboing a used M3 seems like a sweet option to paying top dollar for a Supra TT or something.

    MORE PICS :big grin:
  7. Guest

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    There is Mechtech turbo systems in CA and there's AA in FL. Both
    are good tuning companies for the BMW community. I know that
    10g's and up are ridicoulous for a turbo kit, but I have been with
    AA since 1996 and I've seened it all, from plain ol manifold, a lil
    mitsubishi turbo, internal wastegate and bypass valve, aux
    injectors started at 5995. now it's revised and better than ever
    for the each kit.

    Stock compression on a 95-99 M3 are 10.5:1 and goes the same
    for the 92-95 325i/is. the 96-98 328i/is are 9.5:1. Anything above
    11psi we usually lower it to 8.8:1 w/a copper head gasket and
    steel cutrings for better seals.

    Don't worry pics and mpg's coming soon...
  8. Pottenza

    Pottenza Bangkok Jam

    Jul 31, 2002
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    Nice M3 dude, not really into bikes but, i guess the R1 must me best of the best, so after turboing ure M3 how much horse power would u get

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