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    This is the second thing I posted on lit....I like it much better, it was edited by a guy on Lit named CopyCarver.....I recommend him.

    A Blank Page, Chapter One

    Sweat dripped down Nathan’s face. Trish, his girlfriend writhed on all fours in front of him, her ass slapping his hips with every thrust. They were both eighteen years old, and tonight was their last night together. Tomorrow she would leave for college, and Nathan would continue on in town without her.

    “Spank my ass, Nate,” she said, looking back over her left shoulder. Perspiration beaded on her face, her brown hair tangled in it and stuck to her. He let a half-hearted palm drop with a smack.

    “Harder.” No more looking back, just head down, teeth grinding.

    Bang. This time he gave her his right palm, and with a bit more force. Feeling the burning building inside him, he grunted loud, and tried to hold off. For distraction he let his left hand fly again, then the right again alternating from holding either side of her hips, and slapping her.

    “Pull…my…hair.” Trish’s voice was barely clear enough to understand now, her own orgasm approaching.

    With his right hand on the small of her back, he leaned in and snatched her brown locks with his left. Nate was in another world now. They had only done it four times before anyway, but all four had been standard missionary. Tonight was new, tonight Trish had wanted to try something different, and now she was asking for things he had never thought she wanted. His heart was pounding in his chest, and his head was swimming. Orgasm the only thing his body wanted now, his head finally gave up the battle.

    Nathan was hit with the most powerful feeling in his short sexual career. When his balls started to pump, he lost control of his balance, and was unaware when he leaned forward and rammed Trish into the pillow. His hand still clutching the back of her head as she hit her own climax.

    Four minutes later they were both aware enough to disengage. Both were huffing for air through wide sloppy smiles. It took them the better part of ten minutes to calm, and then Trish wordlessly rose and started for her clothes. Nate gawked at her skinny form as she dressed before he gathered his words.

    “What was that all about, the spanking and stuff?” he asked.

    “I wanted to try it out…since I’m leaving. What did you think?” She was fastening her bra now, and was already wearing her plain white panties.

    “Awesome, sorry about smothering you.” Now he was sitting up in his bed and lacing his hands behind his head.

    “That was the best part…Listen.” Trish grew serious now. “I’m gonna take off now. Be great Nathan. I’m really glad we got to know each other.” She pulled her shirt over her head, and the last he saw of her was her rear end leaving the room clad in a pair of cut-off shorts.

    Several minutes later, Nathan let out a deep breath. Trish hadn’t been much of a girlfriend anyway; they went out only because neither of them had much going on. In bed her saw her as a supermodel. Out of bed, truth be told, her hair was rather mousy and her teeth were rather crooked. But, as Nathan glanced around the trailer he shared with his father, he knew that she had been just about the best thing he had going.

    Now he was left living in a rented trailer with no car, and no girl. Advantages were simply something he did not possess. He was tall and thin, six foot, 130 pounds with plain brown hair, and ordinary brown eyes. Even in his nicest clothes, a lack of confidence grown from a life of have-not made him seem insignificant.

    There was no money either, mom bailed out on him and dad when Nate was two. Dad meanwhile worked as a tow truck driver, and they used the company truck to get around. Eleven years ago dad had fallen asleep at the wheel and rammed a family on vacation in their minivan. Naturally they had sued, and now almost all of dad’s checks went to the state to cover the lawsuit. At the end of the month there was never cash for nice things. Hell, they didn’t even order pizza.

    When the sun rose the next morning Nathan Prescott was acutely aware that his life was a clean slate. No more high school as of three months ago, no more girl as of six hours ago, and nothing left to do with his day.

    Getting out of bed in his boxer shorts, Nate went to the trailer’s front door and looked out. His father’s tow truck was there as expected. Dad wouldn’t go to work again until about six pm since he worked the grave shift. Taking three steps to the kitchen, Nate went about making himself a bowl of cereal.

    For a few brief minutes, Nathan ate in peace. Sitting in a battered recliner staring at the news on TV, slowly shoveling a spoon loaded with cereal into his mouth, he was jolted when there was a knock at the door.

    The door opened on it’s own before Nathan could get up, and his gray bearded grandfather walked in with a brown package under his arm.

    “Hey Pops,” he said to his grandfather, and settled back into his cereal.

    “Put that down Nate, I need to talk to ya.” Pops sat down across from him in the old couch, and set the brown package in his lap.

    In a moment Pops took in a deep breath and slowly began to speak, his eyes locked with Nathan’s.

    “Now I know you don’t have much, and I get the feeling you don’t expect to. So I want you to have something my grandfather gave me.” The old man began unwrapping the package, and Nathan could see that the brown was actually old weathered paper. As Pops removed it the object inside was revealed to be a large book.

    “You read this kid, and you can have or do anything you want. This can make your dreams come true, and your wishes turn to reality.” The old man hadn’t taken his eyes off of Nathan, and slowly held out the large leather-bound book.

    With a bit of hesitation…Nathan reached for it also, but when he grasped it Pops wouldn’t let it go. He thought he heard Pops saying something under his breath, and the book was suddenly quite heavy in his hand as Pops let go.

    “There ya go buddy, every opportunity you could ever ask for, all bound in leather. Just remember to trust it, like you trust me. And do me a favor, kiddo?” Pops was softer now, almost frail. His eyes showed remorse and a bit of weakness.

    “Sure Pops, what ever you want.” Nathan stammered the words out not wanting to let the old man down, and also beginning to wonder what the hell he was talking about.

    “Don’t let your dad live like this forever, do what ever you can to get him up on his feet again. But as for the book, don’t let your dad see it either, don’t tell him I was here. Most importantly…don’t let anyone else read it.” Softness turned to ice when Pops spoke of the book, and the old man thrust a hand in his pocket and turned to walk out the door, stopping, only long enough to throw Nate a nod as he went down the steps.

    Nate threw the book into his room, and forgot about it for the rest of the day. Much later, after his father had made off for work he remembered the tome, and dragged it out with him into the kitchen. Snatching a soda from the icebox, and dropping dramatically into the living room’s lone beaten recliner, Nate closed his eyes and thought about how odd Pops had acted. A few sips of soda later, he plucked the book from his side and looked it over.

    He first gazed at the front cover and read the title: How to influence people, and get what you really want! There was no author.

    “That’s a retarded title for an heirloom,” Nate thought as he impassively thumbed the cover open.

    Shortly he was looking at the oddest table of contents ever. The chapter titles were all blank…save the first. It ominously read, “How to start your adult life”. As he turned to the first page of the chapter Nathan almost jumped out of his chair in shock. The page was blank when he first opened it, but the words appeared out of nowhere after only a moment. “Have all you desire and want. Just trust this text, and do as it says.” The book will sort out the rest. Next came a list much like a to-do list. At the bottom of the list was a simple instruction telling Nathan to complete the list and then read more. It was pretty simple, everything on the list was something Nathan had planned to do anyway except for the third and last item.

    It was a short and direct list. Get a job…something physical. Nate had figured he would have to do that anyway since he didn’t have any skills. Then, get a car, again already one of Nate’s current plans. Finally, and oddly “Go to a strip club”. This was the one that had him confused. What the hell kind of person would put that on a “how to start your life” list?

    However, since he was doing the others anyway, Nathan figured he’d end up doing the last one too. The next morning Nathan walked half a mile to a site where a company was going to build a strip mall. A foreman named Robert wasn’t too impressed with Nathan’s build or experience, but hired him to shovel sand into a cement mixer all the same. It took Nate the better part of the day to get to the company’s main office and fill out employment paperwork. He got home just in time to see his dad driving off in his tow truck.

    The next few weeks went quickly. Shoveling sand and hauling bags of cement was rough work, and he usually staggered back to the house aching all over, but by morning he was always refreshed, and never sore. It had to be the book…somehow it was taking care of him. He did what it said, and it took care of him. Or something to that effect that at any rate.

    After three weeks, Nathan had managed to save up a few hundred dollars, and Robert approached him about staying on for a bit more. The concrete pouring was complete, but the job had to start framing. Robert explained that he would need some good grunt work to get that done.

    “You don’t bitch, and you work fast. My guys could use you. You’ll end up as an apprentice in the union too. Once the union has you there’s always work in this town.” The bigger man had said all this through his morning coffee.

    Since the jobsite was close, and he still hadn’t gotten the car, Nate figured it was for the better. He just didn’t realize how much better. The new job came with a five dollar an hour raise and union benefits. Work was still hard though; basically his “apprentice” job consisted of hauling tools and materials from wherever they were, to where ever they were needed.

    Two months later, framing was almost complete, and Nathan had managed to buy a used pickup. It was ten years old, and pretty beat up, but it ran well enough. The morning after he drove it to work, Robert wanted to see him again.

    Robert was a muscularly large Hispanic man with a think black mustache and dark penetrating eyes. He stood about three inches shorter than Nathan, but seemed immense. Today he was smiling, and flagged Nathan down as the apprentice was moving to unlock the power tools.

    “Say hey, Nathan. Can I talk atcha?” Robert was leaning easy on the side of Nathan’s truck.

    “Yeah Boss what’s up?” Nathan knew the job was almost over. Another contracting company would come roof and still different one’s would handle the interior.

    “So we decided. the crew and I, that is, that we like you. We want you to follow us to the next job, and, we’ll keep you as framing apprentice, but start giving you more than grunt work. Sound ok?” He seemed sincere enough.

    “Ok, then count me in.” Nathan was glad to know they at least wanted him around. Most of the crew had ragged on him about being too skinny in the beginning.

    “Good, ok now for the fun stuff, couple of us are going to a titty club tonight after work. You oughta go too.” Robert was walking away now, heading for his hard hat and the day ahead.

    “All right. I’ll be there too,” Nathan shouted as he trotted off after his work.

    Later that day Nathan ran home for a quick shower and then headed out to the club, which was on the edge of town. Nervous until he noticed his boss’s truck in the lot he walked up to the door. The club security gave him a quick pass with one of those metal detector wands, collected a twenty dollar cover charge and opened the door for him.

    Once inside Nathan tried hard not to gawk or act stupid, it took a great deal of control to avoid doing either. Half-naked women were everywhere, and all the lights were either red or yellow or blue. Not a white light in the place. He took a few steps in before scanning the crowd for Robert and the other guys, and found them sitting a bit away from the stage in a corner booth. All of them had their eyes glued to a hot blonde who was clinging upside down to the pole on the stage. Wearing only a g-string, her legs were pumping to the music, giving a revealing look at the blue fabric of her g-string barely covering her crotch.

    When he got to the table the guys absently shuffled around, making a spot for him on the edge. They were drinking pitchers of beer, and poured him a glass. One of them slid him a glass of soda too.

    “Hey, kid? If someone comes over here, slide the beer away and drink the Coke alright?”

    “Sure I got it.” Nate took a big gulp of the beer. Beer wasn’t new to him; Dad had been drowning sorrows for while now.

    Robert leaned over the table to him as the girl’s song ended, and she made for the cash that had been thrown to the stage.

    “We got next week off Nate, the site ain’t ready yet for the next job. You stay by the phone, I’ll call you with an address in a few days,” he said.

    “Cool.” Nate was watching the girl stuff the money in a small bag, and head backstage.

    “Just so you know this next job is bigger too. We’ll be picking up another apprentice. You been around longer, so you show him the score, just as long as everything gets handled with the tools and materials, you’ll be able to do some work instead of just luggin shit around.” Robert winked at him now, and pointed out in the aisle.

    The girl from the stage was walking to their table. As she got closer Nate got a better look at her and imagined she was about thirty-two, maybe younger. Her dirty blonde hair was worn long, stopping just below her shoulders, and she had put on a blue string top to match the flimsy bottom. With her blue eyes scanning their booth, she flashed a pearly smile.

    “So who wants a lap dance fellas?” she said indicating all of them with a wave.

    “How much?” asked Robert.

    She told them it was twenty-five bucks a dance, and all the men besides Nathan pulled out ten dollars, and handed it to Robert. He then gave her the fifty dollars, and indicated Nate.

    “Don’t hurt him; it’s his first time,” Robert informed her.

    She grabbed Nate's arm, and he barely managed to put his beer down without sloshing the guy next to him. She was pulling him across the club to a side room. Once in it there were eight large plush chairs. Three of them had mesmerized patrons in them with dancers gyrating on top of them. Picking a chair, she backed Nate into it, and turned to face him.

    “My name’s Candy, you can’t touch me, but I can touch you. So just sit back and have a good time, I’ll take care of ya.” With that, she began a slow undulation to the beat of the music, and ran her hands over her body.

    Feeling a bit stupid, but also very enthralled, Nathan just stared at her. Candy cupped her breasts through the blue top, and squeezed them. Then she slid a hand behind her and pulled a long blue string, which caused the whole top to fall onto the floor. Gazing at her breasts, Nathan felt blood stirring in his pants. When she leaned into the chair and shook them in his face, the stirring was over. Only the sharpness of erection was left. She danced for almost three songs, eventually standing on the arms of the chair with her back to him, leaning her ass in his face, popping it up and down to the music. Finally she stepped off the chair and bent over to pick up her top. She gave him another great look at her ass by not bending her knees, then stood to put the top back on.

    “If you want more, you know where to find me,” she said as she walked away.
    A second later, Nathan stood up, an uncomfortable tightness in his pants. When he got back to the table several of the guys smiled at him and saluted him with their beers.

    “Alright, now that we got that taken care of, let’s get to drinkin,” Robert said.

    They stayed there for another two hours, before the guys started to head out to the door. Robert and Nathan were the last two to head out, and Nathan was more than a little tipsy when he got into the truck and drove home. Fortunately he didn’t have any trouble on the drive, and collapsed onto his bed in a heap.

    Around eleven a.m. Nathan woke up with his head ringing and his balls aching. He staggered out into the kitchen for his ritual cereal, and found a note on the fridge.

    “Now that you’re working, how bout some rent money? Dad.”

    Nathan had wondered how long it would take for this particular message to come across, and smiled because he had saved some money to give to dad when it did.

    Around 12:30 he made his way back to his room and started to get ready for a shower. When he took his shirt off he noticed that the stripper had shed hair on him during her dance, and tossed the shirt in his hamper. He had stripped down to his boxer shorts before he remembered that he had finished the book’s list last night.

    Locking his bedroom door, he took the worn leather book from the drawer he had stashed it in, and flipped quickly to the page with the list. Now there were instructions below the list, and there was no denying that the book knew what it was doing.

    “Put the hair in your hands and roll it between your palms. Focus completely on the person who left the hair, picture them solidly in your mind. Then, speak into your hands what you want the hair’s owner to do. When what you told it is done, read the next page.”

    A little bewildered, Nathan reached into the hamper and pulled his shirt back out. Then he plucked one of the hairs off of it. It took him five minutes of staring at the blonde filament to decide what he wanted the stripper to do. He had decided to give her a task that would without a doubt prove finally and completely that the book worked. Then he did just as it described, rolling the hair in his palm, picturing the stripper perfectly in his head, and speaking into his hands. After it was all done, he placed the hair in his wallet, and went about his shower.

    Shortly after four p.m. Nathan placed himself in the living room, and began watching TV…waiting. A bit after 4:30, the stripper walked through the front door wearing a red belly shirt, and a pair of low-rise jeans. Her heels clicked on the linoleum when she entered, her hair pulled back into a ponytail with a simple black tie. She looked at Nathan who jerked his thumb towards the back of the house where his father’s room was. Nodding she briskly walked down the hall and through his father’s bedroom door.

    Grinning, Nathan went to his room, and snatched up the book. The next page had more to offer now.

    “This charm will work for you from now on, as long as you obtain a lock for it, i.e. a piece of their personal property; clothing, hair, skin…etc. although hair will eventually deteriorate and prove to not be useful. The charm also has no effect whatsoever on family. In order to reveal the next charm, follow the following instructions.
    1: Meet a new female and take her out.
    2: Obtain three more locks for different people.
    3: Get back to school.
    Come back after each task is completed. For unselfish use of your first charm you will be rewarded.”

    Nathan’s mind again began to question the book’s agenda. One and three were simple enough-meet a new girl, and get back to school-but then the part about new locks of different people. It was just as confusing as it was fascinating, and what was this about a reward?

    It dawned on Nathan that he could hear a rhythmic thumping coming out of his father’s bedroom, probably his dad’s headboard hitting the wall. With his mind wandering all over the idea of what three people he would want locks for, he strode into the living room again and slumped into his chair. It was only a few months ago that he was a struggling high school student with no real future in front of him. Now here he was with the ability to get people to do whatever he wanted. There was a lot to think about in his world.

    He was still deep in concentration when the blonde who had said her name was Candy walked out of the back bedroom. She was smiling lazily, and winked at Nathan as she shot her thong at him like a rubber band. Laughing briefly, she descended the front steps and got in her car.

    Dad staggered into the hallway a few seconds later. Hearing him coming, Nathan shoved the red thong into his pants pocket, and stood to see his father wearing a white t-shirt, and a pair of faded beaten jeans.

    “God damn son, where the hell did she come from, and who the hell is she?” George Prescott asked his son.

    “I met her at a strip club last night. We were talking and I told her about you, guess she decided you needed some cheering up,” Nathan lied.

    “Well you go ahead and tell all them strippers about your poor old man then ok?” The older Prescott laughed.

    Shortly they were eating a pizza Nathan had ordered, and discussing the issue of Nathan paying rent. They agreed that he would pay two hundred dollars a month, and that his father would just hold it until they had enough to put a deposit on a rent house that didn’t have wheels on it.

    After George had gone to work, Nathan contemplated going back to the club to see if another stripper would manage to leave some hair on him. He’d just use it to have her leave some underwear with him, and voila he’d have his lock. That’s when it occurred to him that he’d have to pay the cover, buy two Cokes at stupid prices, and then come up with another twenty-five to fifty dollars to pay for the dances. Since he wasn’t working the following week, he decided to figure something else out.

    He fell asleep on the couch that night not thinking of the book’s list as he expected, but strangely fixated on the image of his left hand grasping Trish’s hair, and his right hand repeatedly slapping her ass, leaving bright red handprints when he pulled it back.

    Sunday was spent contemplating what to do about the list, when it finally came to him. If he couldn’t afford the strip club, he’d just go the cheaper route of hitting a regular nightclub and see what was going on there. Monday arrived and so did Candy, right at four-thirty. She continued to show up every day that week except Wednesday, which Nathan assumed was her day off along with Sunday since she hadn’t shown up then either. His demand to the hair when he cupped it in his hands had been for her to show up before work everyday, and give dad an amazing sexual encounter. Obviously it was working. Nathan spent the rest of the week lounging, and trying to figure out what he would want of these people he obtained charm locks for. He did manage to squeeze in a trip to the grocery store to replace the mac and cheese style fare they had with food more along the lines of steak and potatoes. Dad had actually seemed to like this change almost as much as the great sex he was getting five nights a week.

    By Thursday boredom was setting itself firmly in the front of his mind, and he was itching to hit a club the following night. Fridays, he had decided would be better, because the regular work crowd would be out. Some clerk type from the company called him later that afternoon, and gave him an address for the site next week. On a whim of boredom and desire, Nathan decided to go to one of the local clubs Thursday as well as Friday. Telling himself it was worth the extra money just to not sit at home the whole damn time.

    Dressed with a black t-shirt that was strangely beginning to feel tight, tucked into a pair of jeans that had a pair of black canvas sneakers sticking out of the bottom, he jumped in the truck and went club hopping. Nathan had thought hard about where he wanted to go, and headed out on the freeway for a different part of town. The side of town with the university on it would probably show more promise anyway.

    The scratched pickup was easily the worst vehicle in the lot when he parked in front of Club Torrid. It wasn’t saying much though, considering there were only maybe a dozen other cars anyway. A smaller club close to the campus, and completely unknown to Nathan, Club Torrid had a large violet sign over the blacked out front doors, and Nathan could hear dance music, the kind that has no words, just rhythmic noise.

    Just inside the dark club doors was a kiosk. A short man with big arms jutting out of his white t-shirt was standing behind it. The man looked briefly at Nathan’s drivers license, and put a red armband on his left wrist before nodding slightly and gazing back at the door.

    Twenty feet past the kiosk, the club opened into a large open area with matching bars facing one another along the left and right walls, a moderate dance floor had been placed in the middle of the room, and tall tables with stools circled it. The only other feature in the place was a modest deejay booth in the center of the far wall.

    The place was defiantly loosely packed, maybe two-dozen people at the most, and they all seemed to know each other. Not caring what he did next, he walked across the dance floor towards the deejay booth. On his way there several interesting things happened. There were maybe ten people actually dancing, and as he walked through the small group, he got close to a redhead with pale freckled skin. She was clad in a tight green shirt, and a short flowing black skirt. After looking her over briefly Nathan caught a shot of her in his head. In the shot she was laying lamely on her back as he humped between her legs. She would alternate between yawning and rolling her eyes in the direction of his alarm clock the entire time.

    More than a bit surprised by the sudden insight, Nate decided to postpone his trip to the booth and mingle a bit. Dancing around the main crowd he edged closer and closer to a few of the girls on the floor until he got a sight, and then danced away, edging himself towards someone else. He did this for two songs, and got a variety of images. None of them as depressing as the first one, a couple even seemed on the verge of climax in his mind. But nothing even remotely as interesting as the night he fell asleep seeing himself spanking Trish.

    Deciding that he wasn’t getting anywhere he set himself back to getting to the deejay booth. Half way there Nathan knew he should have just gone straight there. Now he didn’t really care what the shot in his head showed him. This girl was interesting at a glance.

    Bright pink hair parted neatly in the middle and hanging just below her cheekbones, and accented her striking cheekbones. A silver hoop pierced and divided her bottom lip just as neatly, drawing his eyes to her full and glossy lips. The girl was wearing a black shirt from some band that Nathan didn’t recognize, and had ripped the collar so that it slid over the top of her left shoulder giving only a remote hint at her cleavage.

    Within five feet Nathan took note of her dark blue eyes, and the pair of silver hoops in each ear. Upon reaching the counter of the booth, the sight came, and instead of picturing her having sex with him, it was a very interesting vision indeed. This girl was still naked like the others, but kneeling on the carpet, facing away from him with her head bent forward, the small ridges of her spine slightly visible through unblemished skin. His knees weakened when his mind’s eye refocused to reality, and he had to lean casually on the booth to retain his composure.

    Pulling her headphones down around her neck, she addressed him.
    “What’s up?” she said in a businesslike tone, clearly expecting him to name a song.

    “I need your phone number,” Nathan intoned seriously, not really knowing where the audacity to say it was coming from.

    The girl hesitated for only a second before responding “Eight-six-seven-five-three-oh-nine”.

    But she didn’t replace the headphones, he thought before continuing.

    “I’m serious, you’re the only interesting girl in here.” Nathan crossed his arms on the counter, and leaned in to be heard better, keeping his eyes on her. They were so blue he thought he might see waves at any moment.

    “You’ll also notice I’m the only chick working,” she said with a casual air.

    Still no headphones, she’s waiting for the offer, he told himself.

    “Ok then, when does this place pick up?” Nathan said, switching gears, and glancing at her tip collection.

    Maybe three bucks…not much.

    “On a Thursday, keep dreaming. This is…as busy it’s going to be.” The girl was now turning away from him and digging in a crate of LPs. Below the black shirt she wore a pair of low-slung gray cargo pants. A red lacy waistband was slightly visible over the top of them.

    “Ok then, after you’re done I’ll take you to get something to eat. That way at least you get a meal out of a shitty night for tips.” He laid it out for her, knowing he’d just turn and leave the club all together if she said no.

    “What’s your name?” She was standing now with a hand on either side of her headphones.

    “Nathan, Nathan Prescott.” He was grinning now, feeling her answer before it came.

    “Ok Nathan, I’m Dani, and I’ll be looking for you.” She flashed a grin, the hoop in her lip flashing on a random dance light, and pulled the phones back over her ears.

    Hours did not pass fast enough for Nathan. Staying planted on a stool for the rest of the time at the club, he watched her. He got excited when she danced to the music, he got excited when she studied the turntables, and he especially got excited when she refused to play something for the redhead who was rolling her eyes in his mind earlier.

    Just before one a.m. she raised her head to make eye contact with him, and indicated the door with a hand. Almost knocking his stool to the floor, Nathan rapidly got to his feet before taking a deep breath and making his way to the door. True to her word, the club hadn’t gotten any busier the entire time, and only the faces had changed slightly in the crowd, not the size of it.

    Out in the parking lot, he leaned nervously against the passenger door of his truck, and waited. His nerves were getting the best of him and had his foot tapping on its own accord when she stepped out of the front door to the club. Not quite what he expected, he could barely see her behind the two cartons of LPs she was carrying stacked on top of each other.

    Jumping off the truck, Nathan crossed the lot to her and lifted the crates out of her hands.

    “Thanks, at least you have a truck,” she said.

    “Hey, it’s paid for,” Nathan replied slightly irritated.

    “No, I really mean it, I was gonna take the bus.” Dani added. She really could have insulted anything she wanted too. Nathan was letting her lead the way back to the truck, and finally go to admire her body all at once. Drinking it in with every step. Through her cargos, he could see her bottom wiggle slightly with every step. When she got to the truck and turned he saw the shapely outline of her chest heaving subtly behind the black tee.

    Nathan made quick work of putting her crates in the back, and opened the door for Dani to enter the truck. They went to a small diner near the club, the kind with an old waitress, and milkshakes almost as thick as ice cream. Over bacon and eggs he told her about his job, and his dad. Dani followed him up with her own life in the college dorm, and trying to get a degree in psychology. As it turned out she was a year older than him, and in her second year of college.

    The deejay job was just a product of her love of music, and more than a bit of an attempt to meet people. Nathan commented on how that seemed to be working, and swore he saw her flush a little. After the food was gone, they talked for another thirty minutes before getting up to leave. Dani told him how to get to the dorms to drop her off, and wrote her phone number on a scrap of paper she found in the truck’s glove box before getting out.

    He promised to call her the next week, and drove home completely alert and awake despite the early morning hour. The girl was intriguing, and he couldn’t help but wonder what it was like to kiss her with that silver hoop in her lip. Nathan was trying to figure how to interpret the way she was kneeling in his mind as he slipped into bed and fell asleep.

    The heat in his room became too much to sleep through at noon on Friday. Groggily he got up still seeing Dani in his mind’s eye. Wanting to spend the next three days as lazily and simply as possible, Nathan was unprepared to find his father on the couch in a bad mood.

    One look at George Prescott told Nathan that dad was upset about something. The man had his feet propped on the dining table, with his chair tilting back on two legs. He was staring at the ceiling with his mouth in a slight frown.

    “What’s wrong dad?” Nathan pressed.

    “Its that girl, Nate. She comes over almost everyday, but doesn’t’ say anything.” Dad didn’t take his eyes off the ceiling.

    “Not a word dad? She just comes over and gets down to business?” Nathan asked as though he had no idea what was going on.

    “Well every once in a while she let’s an ‘Oh god’ or two slip out,” Dad said, finally taking his eyes off the ceiling to smile a bit at Nate.

    “I’m going to tell her today that I’m not interested if she doesn’t want to do anything else,” Dad continued.

    Noting this, Nathan excused himself to take a shower, and wandered back to his room. Once there he locked the door and pulled the book from it’s hiding place. Then he went to get the red thong he had placed in it to mark his page. About to begin rolling it in his hands, he saw text on the page opposite the last page he had read.

    The lone paragraph detailed how one could perform multiple charms using the same lock, and could have the charm be in effect only once, or have it be persistent just by choosing an exact time or not. It even made an example of the charm he had used on Candy, explaining that since he had not said before work on a specific day, that the charm would work on any day that she had to work.

    Enlightened, he began rubbing the thong between his hands, and whispered into it what he wanted to happen, beginning with “In one hour…”
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    A Blank Page, Chapter Two

    Forty-five minutes later, Nathan stepped out of his bedroom freshly showered and wearing a white pullover that he could have sworn fit him loosely last week, but now was gripping him tightly across the chest and arms. Dismissing it, he saw dad right where he had been when Nathan went to the shower, at the table, depressed. So Nathan wordlessly sat in the living room chair, and thumbed the TV remote to begin waiting.

    Just a bit later Candy walked right into the house. She was wearing cut off shorts, and a yellow halter shirt that revealed her midriff. Kicking off her flip-flops as she entered, both Prescott men could see her smiling. They both smiled back.

    “I know it’s a bit late for lunch, but I took a gamble and brought some anyway,” she said as she crossed the room to the kitchen and placed her bag on the table. Leaning over George she kissed him lightly and then began unloading the bag.

    She had brought soup and sandwiches from a deli near her apartment, and they all ate together talking about her life. Candy sat in George’s lap throughout the entire affair. The stripper detailed herself to the Prescott’s without prodding, and Nathan watched his father relax almost from the moment she entered, and finally settle into a zone of comfort as they all talked.

    The name wasn’t Candy, but actually Melanie. She was only thirty years old, and lived alone, having no children. It seemed that she had divorced two years ago, and the ex had left her with nothing but bad credit. They had been living lavishly for their income, and he had “taken care” of everything financially. After the split he took off to some other state and disappeared. The creditors had pounced on her afterward and she hadn’t tried to do anything but pay. The job she had as a secretary didn’t pay nearly enough to take care of anything though. Collections took her car, and the house she had bought with him. So her clothes had come down, and her income rose. Melanie had finally covered all the debts a few months ago, and was now just saving to leave dancing altogether. Her plan was to keep at it until her body said it was time to quit, and go back to secretarial work, hopefully with a nice house and car in hand.

    Knowing what was going to happen next, Nathan made some excuses, grabbed his keys, and rose to leave. When he looked back through the window before starting his truck he saw Melanie pulling the yellow top over her head, still sitting in dad’s lap.

    He was planning on buying a cell phone, and killing some time. But ended up meandering around the mall after purchasing a phone instead. Being in control of things made him feel different from the people he walked past. All Nathan would need was just one hair, and any one of them would do whatever he asked. It made him feel confident, setting himself apart from them…special.

    The sales people at the phone store were straight with him, and required a deposit before giving him a contract for a cell phone. Not bothered by it, he figured since he had no credit whatsoever that it was no surprise they wanted to protect their investment.

    From the moment he had the phone until he decided to wander back home, he just walked, and looked. Not through the windows of the storefronts at the merchandise like the other mall patrons, but at the other patrons themselves. Since he met Dani, he didn’t want to choose people to take locks from just to please him physically. Instead he found himself wanting people who would be in positions to improve other things. At first it was ideas of store managers who would sell him things cheaply, then he went on to looking at the people walking, trying to guess what they did for a living and mentally debating the use it would be to him.

    Without any more idea what he wanted than when he started, he headed back home. It was much later when he arrived, and both Dad and Melanie were gone. Friday night would be work for both so it didn’t bother him. He spent the rest of the evening, and in fact most of the rest of the weekend, day dreaming about what types of people he would get, and what types of things would make suitable locks for the people. Melanie stayed with them throughout the weekend, only making brief stops at her apartment for extra clothing. He and dad both took to calling her “Mel” and she even cleaned the whole house the way one would do a “spring” cleaning.

    Monday morning Nathan forced himself up with the alarm, and dressed for work. He could head dad snoring through the walls. After tying his shoes he made it to the fridge for some cereal and found a list of food items they might need soon hung on it with a large magnetic letter F. Stuffing the list in his pocket he decided to pick the things up on his way home. Melanie was proving to be one of the better things about the book’s first chapter.

    Once he was out the door he managed to drive to the new site without incident, and find Robert’s truck. The site was massive, much larger than the previous job, and had two additional crews besides the one he belonged to. Robert found him quickly however, and pulled him aside.

    “Big as hell eh? It’s supposed to be a resort hotel when we’re done.” Robert spoke low and easy.

    “Come on, the company owner wants to talk to all us crew guys before we start. He’s got all of us on this one job right now, so he wants to tell us not to fuck up,” he continued.

    John Gofelt, the owner was a rotund bald white man of medium height. He had khaki pants and a green dress shirt that looked as if it could barely contain his girth. A large unlit cigar hung from his lips. He gave them a quasi-inspirational talk about attention to detail, and then took some questions. Predictably only the men who were old hands in the company or in positions of authority had any.

    Nathan was completely uninterested in the whole thing, until Mr. Gofelt tried to light his cigar with a golden lighter, the kind that you close with a flick of your wrist when you are done with it. The lighter, it seems, refused to work, and he ended up setting it on a stack of lumber while one of the foremen offered his own lighter. Almost as soon as he had the cigar lit, a loud crash was over heard and everyone started moving quickly.

    Apparently one of the trucks delivering materials for the job had backed into a row of concrete barriers dropped off by an earlier truck. The noise scattered everyone, and Mr. Gofelt wheeled toward the truck roaring profanities at it like only a man who has done construction for most of his life can. Everyone else ran to the barriers and truck trying to assess the damage.

    Everyone but Nathan that is…his eyes were locked forward, staring at the gold lighter still perched on the lumber stack. It was too good to be true. All that concern about whom to get a lock from, and now the owner of his company was handing one out.

    Carefully looking to see if anyone else was around, Nathan walked smoothly past the lumber, palming the lighter in his right hand with a short wave of his arm. Not slowing his movement the entire time, he walked straight away from it toward the concrete barriers where everyone else was huddled, and slipped the golden item into his front pocket.

    By the lunchtime, Nathan was near euphoric. Everything was going his way. The other apprentice also started with a shovel in his hand, and was letting Nathan show him the ropes. Most of the crew from the previous job was treating him as if he were above the new guy too.

    Sitting in the bed of his truck, munching on a sandwich, Nathan decided to give Dani a call. She answered on the third ring, and he could tell she was excited. After a few “How was your weekend?” minutes, he asked her when she would be available to go out. She asked him to pick her up outside the dorm Wednesday after work, and that was that. So far he had a new lock, a decent situation at the job site, and a date. Not a bad beginning to the week.

    On Tuesday and Wednesday, work was the same. The job wasn’t moving full speed yet, and Nathan was still thrilled about his luck with the lighter. After work Wednesday though, his nerves started up. He rushed home to shower and change, deciding not to dress up, but rather to get a clean shirt and jeans and keep moving. When he was back in the truck and on his way, he called her again to let her know he’d be there in a few minutes.

    Dani was wearing a little blue sundress when he pulled up. The hemline falling around the middle of her thigh, with her legs exposed all the way down to her flip-flop sandals. Her hair was pulled up into two perky pigtails. When she ran out of the dorm towards the truck, he put the shifter into park, and got out to open the door for her. As she entered the passenger seat, she tossed an almost insignificant handbag on the floorboard. Nathan assumed it had enough space in it for some ID and a little cash.

    Getting back into his spot, and putting the truck into drive she read his mind, and beat him to the punch.

    “I’m famished, do you mind if we get something to eat?” Dani asked.

    “Sure thing” Nathan was pretty hungry himself. “How about some Chinese?”

    “Whatever you want…I think I can find this place most of the dorm orders from,” she offered.

    Soon he was following her directions to the yet unnamed place, and she was asking about his new work location. This was followed by an explanation of her English class, and the eventual arrival at the Chinese joint. Once inside they both learned that it was takeout only, but the since the aroma had already sunk its hooks in them, they ordered anyway.

    Back in the truck they discussed where to eat. Dani seemed to want to see the house, and meet his dad, so he turned the truck toward home. After a discussion about the difficulties of being a DJ, they pulled up to the house. Looking for the tow truck and not finding it Nathan started to explain.

    “Looks like dad had to go to work, sorry you won’t be able to meet him. He usually doesn’t get home until early morning.” Nathan was now holding the passenger side door open as she gracefully exited the vehicle with the bag of Chinese food.

    Nathan then held open the door to the house and followed her in. Once inside she walked to the kitchen table and set the bag down. Kicking off her flip-flops she looked at him.

    “I like it. You may not think much of it, but it’s a real home, and I’ve spent the last three months in a dorm.” Then adding with a hint of a smile, “Where’s your room?”

    Pointing down the hall Nathan looked into the food bag and replied. “Back there.”

    He was shocked when she started walking down the hall. Mouth agape, he watched her slowly meander to the door to his room and stop. She looked back as if to inquire if it was the right door, and he nodded slightly. Then with a single move she pulled the hem of her dress up and over her head. Nothing had been under it. Completely nude she opened the door and walked into his room.

    Seconds passed before Nathan’s mind caught up. By the time he got to the room, she was sitting easily on the edge of his bed, leaning back, and propping herself up on her hands. Trying to keep up with the situation Nathan stepped between her legs, and pulled his shirt over his head.

    When the shirt was still coming off of his head, he felt her grabbing at the button of his jeans. Tossing the shirt aside he looked down to see the pigtails as she looked down and unzipped his pants. In one motion she pulled his pants and his underwear down. Running her hands up the insides of his legs she cupped him, and slid one hand up his shaft. Then, looking up into his eyes, Dani hunched over and licked his head.

    A smile crept across Nathan’s face as he watched her tongue glide over him. Breaking eye contact she took his sack into her mouth, and he moaned when she sucked in, making a pulsing action. Finally she grasped him firmly at the base with one hand and slid her lips tightly over him, sucking half of him into her mouth, still licking him with her tongue. He watched her cheeks throb with the movement for a bit, then having nothing else to do at the moment, laced his hands behind his head and closed his eyes.

    Dani never stimulated him enough to approach climax, but kept him at a steady build for a good five minutes before leaning away from him, and running the heel of one foot up his torso and onto his shoulder. With his eyes open now, Nathan reached down and grabbed the other leg pulling it up to his other shoulder. Bending over to line up with her opening, he put a hand on the bed for balance, keeping the other tightly around an ankle.

    Nathan’s first thrusts were awkward, barely inserting, and then slowly he managed to work his way in. A dozen thrusts in he found his hand slipping on the mattress. Trying to find better purchase Nathan absently picked up his hand and placed it on Dani’s collarbone, his fingers wrapping over her shoulder, and thumb lying on her neck.

    With Dani folded up, Nathan increased the tempo. Driving deep into her and pulling out all but the tip with every piston-like action. Grasping tight with the hand on her shoulder he looked straight into her eyes and pounded on. Dani reached up to her shoulder and nudged his hand until it was higher up on her neck, then brought her other hand up and held it in place with both of her own.

    The feel of the soft hot flesh under his palm, and the insistent grip of her small hands set Nathan’s nerves ablaze; electric pulses flooded across his skin, and he released the ankle. Placing his other hand on her neck as well, his arms wrapping her legs and holding them in place. Cautiously he tightened his grip on her throat, and felt the shiver run down her spine. A grin creeping across his face, he felt through his hands the purr that escaped her lips.

    Seconds later she was exploding, her legs tensing and writhing, her hands tightening around his, still holding him there. For more than a minute she rode wave after wave. Her eyes rolled back, and her hands trembled as he continued to thrust. Limply she closed her eyes, pleasure etched in her face, she finally removed her hands and put them down to make contact with his hips. Slowly he lowered his pace until it was not much more than a crawl, before she pulled her legs down and pushed him back out of her and slightly away from the bed. Dropping off of the bed she lowered herself onto her knees, sat on her feet, and opened her mouth to him.

    Grabbing his flanks she pulled him into her warm mouth. Deeply this time she took almost all of his length, and started swallowing to massage him. Pulling back, Dani looked up into his eyes, and then continued to swallow him. Not looking away, Nathan decided she wouldn’t mind him helping.

    Placing a hand on either side of her head he began pumping into her mouth. The warmth of her, and the control he found in his superior position rocketed climax to him, and without warning he began to spasm. Not moving to stop him Dani accepted his orgasm, completely swallowing hard for several moments, and he never saw any result of the climax other than a brief flash of her tongue as he backed away when it was over.

    Wordlessly he turned away after a few deep breaths, leaving her kneeling at the foot of his bed, her skin glistening slightly with perspiration. Stalking down the short hall he entered the kitchen and snatched the bag they had brought off of the table, and swiped two beers out of the fridge before returning.

    Reentering his room, he found Dani lying under the comforter of his bed propped up with his pillow.

    “I went and grabbed the food. We’ll just eat here,” he said putting the bag and the beers in the middle of the bed before crawling under the comforter.

    “Great,” Dani replied sitting up even further to unload food, as Nathan twisted the beer caps off. “I like eating in bed; maybe I’ll have an accident and need to be cleaned off.”

    “If you do I’ll have to dump you in the shower and hose you clean with cold water,” Nathan deadpanned.

    Taking a long slow drink from his beer, Nathan didn’t notice that Dani was staring at him until he put it back down. She hadn’t made a sound. He looked at the astonished and eager face, admired her silver lip piercing, and decided to set her at ease again.

    “It was just a joke Dani. I’m not some kind of asshole,” he said trying to comfort her.

    Surprisingly her expression didn’t change. Waiting for her to say something, Nathan chewed an egg roll.

    “What if I told you I’d be ok with that kind of stuff? Could you do it?” Dani questioned, completely ignoring food.

    Finishing a bite, Nathan thought for a second, and replied. “Sure, anything you’re into works for me. I dug having my hands around your neck, and loved spanking my last girlfriend.”

    “Could you do it harder next time?” Dani meekly offered. Then immediately began poking at some noodles.

    “Yeah” Nathan said eagerly before adding. “I’d like that, but do you mean the spanking or the choking?”

    “Both,” Dani replied and began devouring noodles.

    Over the next hour Nathan milled the idea of spanking her and choking her when they had sex. Meanwhile they ate, and watched some T.V. on the small set in his room. There was a lot of gray area between sex and what they were doing, so he figured he’d better get some more details out of her before making any new habits.

    “What are you looking for Dani?” He asked while they lay in the bed, both still naked.

    Taking a breath to think for a moment, Dani responded a little shyly. “Mostly to know that you’re in charge in bed. That you are powerful, and I am yours to have.”

    It was a little more than Nate had bargained for. Being physically aroused by a slap or slight choke was all he had honestly expected, but Dani had an entire philosophy going here.

    “So you want me to be the boss about sex, I say when we have sex, and how?” Nathan asked, turning from the television to look in her eyes.

    “Definitely,” she panted, holding his gaze. “I’ll do anything you ask in here, as long as I can trust you.”

    Shortly Nathan put a hand on one of her flushing cheeks, and pulled her into a deep kiss. A minute later, their tongues and lips parted company and he looked again into her eyes. Feeling that she was getting heated he decided to take the new rules out for a spin.

    “Stand up please,” he said with an easy friendly tone.

    Pushing the comforter aside, she swiveled her legs off of the bed and rose. When she turned around facing him, he pointed, and indicated she should stand at the foot of the bed. Smoothly she strode to the spot indicated, and smiled at him.

    Lacing his fingers behind his head, Nathan leaned back and drank in the site of her from top to bottom. Her pink pig tails had become slightly mussed by his hands earlier, and her face was still a little flush with excitement. She had a smooth neckline, and narrow shoulders. Fit, but not athletic, she was not bony, and her skin was blemish, and virtually mark free. Her breasts stuck out well, and did not sag under their c-cup weight. They fit her frame nicely appearing well proportioned. Her flat stomach flowed seamlessly into her hips, displaying her crotch with its light velvety brown covering of hair.

    “Turn around,” Nathan indicated, by waving his index finger, and she complied, allowing him to take in the highly erotic sight of the nape of her neck and back. His eyes traveled south down to her rear end, which was round and firm looking. Instantly he decided to test her on the spanking offer.

    “Turn back, and put your hands on the bed please,” he said, and stood up himself.

    When he walked up behind her he thought she was a little low for him to enter standing so he looked quickly around for some books to stand on. Once she was perched on them, he took in her legs again, and counted off seconds to a full minute before moving. He had decided to really see if she was sure they should do this by allowing her to get relaxed and not know what he was going to do.

    “Lift your head up high,” Nathan ordered, surprising himself with a forceful tone of voice.

    She reacted without surprise however, and her head shot up, causing her back to arch since her hips were now so much higher, standing on the books. Nathan found himself in awe at her response to the change in his voice, and tried to speak that way for the rest of the evening.

    Watching her ass he counted off another minute slowly, drawing his left hand back behind her so she might not pick up on the movement. As the minute finally passed, and his hand was in place, he shot it forward into Dani’s ass, hitting squarely in the middle, catching both cheeks. Dani squealed with the impact, and gasped for breath. His hand left a bright red image of itself on her.

    Nathan had decided to swing hard on the first hit, and not hold much back. Dani had clawed the bed sheet, and was now breathing heavily, but hadn’t moved other wise. Impressed he swung again, this time hard enough that his hand stung for several seconds. He was never really bothered by it as he was far to engrossed in watching her react to the blow. First she leaned forward sharply, and grunted huskily through clenched teeth. Then her mouth popped open and he could hear the sharp intakes of air from her gasps as she noisily panted. Finally, he watched in awe as a several tears escaped the corner of her eye and rolled down her cheek.

    Almost reluctantly he pulled back for a third time and struck her even harder. This time she yelped loudly, and let out a long “Unnnnngggggggg” before repeating her open mouthed gasping. A few more tears slid down her face, leaving what Nathan thought of as an appealing trail along the way.

    No longer hiding his movements, Nathan sharply drew his left hand back again, and then placed his right hand directly over the wicked red marks that had appeared on her backside. Dani groaned and wiggled a bit at the surprisingly tender touch.

    The erection he sported was driving his brain now, he swiveled himself behind her, and entered in one move. She was so aroused that he felt only a warm wet welcoming. Moving swiftly, he began to plunge into her.

    Dani climaxed on his fifth stroke, and Nathan felt her tighten around him, sucking him deep into her, and shaking under his pleasure. She went on for a long time, alternating from moaning breathlessly to convulsing within, shortly Nathan was unable to stave himself off any longer, and began pulsing his own climax deep inside her. Part of way through it he collapsed onto her back and they both crashed into the bed breathing heavily.
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