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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by thomor25, Oct 4, 2007.

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    it was posted as spam by some dude spamming the main forum but its not a bad read. don't click on any ads tho lol don't want to make the guy money.

  2. babygodzilla

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    i never understood how to make a page that's only for generating revenue from adsense. how do you get the traffic there is what i'm confused about. ive had people telling me to get a dialup connection and post on Craigslist, and for every few posts you make, disconnect and reconnect your internet to refresh the IP address. :dunno: that seems to be too much hassle.
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    :cool: Ill check it out. Some of the shit Ive been reading on shoemoney lately is :ugh: I dont know why I bother going there sometimes. The dude knows how to make money, but him, and the others that write for him are kinda douchey
  4. pkr

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    You have to think of it from a business standpoint. If you and a select people have a solution to a huge problem everyone is trying to figure out, and it is helping you and your select group out, would you want to disclose of that information?

    Once everyone finds out about the secrets to making money on advertising, the advertisers will start offering less because they don't like to lose money.

    Just basic business IMO :o

    I think the only reason his blog still is alive is because you have ignorant people hoping he will post his true techniques, but it's never going to happen. In a sense he is just teasing people, and monetizing on that; i.e. them visiting the site.

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