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Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by bait, Mar 20, 2008.

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    I just picked up a UDM (pretty much the same as the PC) and haven't used it yet. It comes with one white polishing pad.
    I have:
    Optimum compound
    Meguairs tan bottle show car glaze (#8?)
    A good paste wax (don't remember off hand what it is)
    Meguiars gold class liquid wax

    first, will I be ok using the same pad? Am I going to see a great improvement if I buy like a light cutting (orange?) pad and a finishing (red?) pad, or can I just wash the same pad between them... I understand I won't get the greatest results if I use the same one, but with my minimal experience, will it make a difference?

    second, should I use optimum compound first and them the show car glaze and then wax, or will the show car glaze/optimum do the same thing...

    third, is there a good way to apply this paste wax with the UDM?

    fourth, my side skirts are made of some sort of hard plastic rather than actual metal... they've got some really ground in dirt thats really hard to get out... is there a product I can use to clean them more effectively?
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    1. Never mix products on pads. Use a cutting pad with OC, finishing pad with #7.

    2. Compound, polish, wax, in that order. OC is more aggressive than #7.

    3. I can apply wax by hand faster than machine.

    4. Try some OC by hand, see if that works.

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