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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by ManinCamo, Jun 30, 2005.

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    Within the last week my A/C will chatter when engaged. I beleive it is from the AC compressor.

    I used belt dressing on all the belts, however that did not seem to do anything.

    Is there anything that typically would cause this? Anything I can do, short of taking it into a shop? The A/C condensor was replaced about two years ago after a run in with a deer. The system was fixed up, recharged, and was working as well as can be expected considering its a 11 year old economy car.

    Along with this chattering, the A/C will blow non-conditioned air. IE: A/C is on and drawing power -- I can hear it is engaged However I will be getting warm humid air from outside, or partially cooled air. Disengaging and reengaging the AC will temporarily solve this.

    In my head, I know that the A/C Compressor has probably warn out and needs replaced, but I'm hoping OT can prove me wrong.
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    I would say eather AC clutch, but if its drawing power then thats out and the only thing left is that the compressor is messed up

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