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    Anyone wanna help me fill in the blanks? I've always been fascinated by Cable's ridiculously complicated timeline.

    prehistory: Celestial ship lands on earth

    ancient egypt: En Sabah Nur (Apocalypse) adopts a "survival of the fittest" view on life, and using his newly emerged mutant powers defeats a time-traveling Kang the conquerer.

    Unknown time: Apocalypse discovers the celestial ship, but cannot full utilize it's capabilities.

    Unknown time: Time travelling young man Cable defeats Apocalypse, but in doing so infects him with the T-O Virus allowing Apocalypse to fully access the ship and use it's AI.

    1859: Apocalypse finds and remakes Nathaniel Essex into Mr. Sinister, but is defeated by a time travelling Cyclops and Phoenix.

    mid 80's: Apocalypse awakens, determining his time has come, X-Factor defeats him, and takes control of his celestial ship, who's AI is now know as "Ship."

    mid-80's: Sinister creates a clone of Jean Grey, Madelyn Pryor, who gives birth to Cable. Apocalypse infects infant Cable with the T-O virus. (The same virus Cable had earlier infected him with) Cable's time and dimensionally-displaced "sister" Rachel sends a follower of her clan (Askani) to retrieve the infected infant and take him to the distant future for care, where he's cloned, and raised by his mentally time-travelling father Cyclops, and Jean Grey. Cable defeats Apocalypse once and for all, and his parents are returned to the past when Rachel dies, but continues to fight those filling the vacuum of power. The Clone of Cable (Stryfe) travels backward in time. Using the same AI program X-factor had on the celestial ship, which had travelled to the future with the infant cable inside his T-O body structure, and now calling itself "Professor" and stored in Cables ship, Greymalkin, the now grown-up and war-tested Cable follows Stryfe into the past to defeat him and prevent the future he grew up in.

    late 80's: Cable returns from the future with his ship.

    80's to early 2000's: This is where I'm fuzzy, but long story short Cable defeats Apocalypse and a host of other baddies and battles with his T-O Virus until it's eventually in remission.

    These events are in order, but I don't know the times:

    Cable achieves the peak of his power and attempts to change the world ofr the better, long story short, it doesn't work, and Deadpool has to jump-start the T-O virus using a baby phalanx.

    Cable disappears fighting Skornn, Deadpool starts jumping from reality to reality to find Cable, but only finds horrific alternate reality versions.

    Deadpool returns to 616 only to find it's been altered to the House of M version where Cable is an infant being raised by Sinister.

    Infant Cable and Deadpool teleport back to what he thinks is the real reality, but in mid-transport, Reality jumps back to normal and Cable is still an infant, but rapidly aging back to normal.

    Cable then awakens Apocalypse so the mutants have something to agree on, Apocalypse disappears when the Celestials have some unfinished buisness with him.

    Cable appears to have died when his island, which is made of his ship greymalkin, explodes.

    Cable takes the mutant messiah baby into the near future.

    Cable takes the baby further into the future away from Bishop.


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    wow his life is a complicated one

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