A Chrysler Imperial was the Black Beauty!

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  1. Hail Bruce Lee! My favorite guy of all-time. Finito...

    The General Lee in Dukes; the Torino in Starsky & Hutch; the Batmobile; and the Fury in the Blues Brothers get most of the attention. What other famous Hollywood cars were there?

    But take a look at the Black Beauty from the TV series the Green Hornet, where Bruce Lee got his start. Now there's a mighty car, and one with loads of style.

    Actually a 1966 Chrysler Imperial which was rebuilt by Dean Jefferies at a cost of $50,000

    Built-in TV camera that saw 4 miles ahead

    Rockets - front and rear

    Could spread ice over the road

    Knock-out gas in front

    Smoke in rear, also, brushes to sweep away tire tracks

    from fiftiesweb.com

    Here is a fantastic pic of the Black Beauty:

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    Image embedded for lazy people:

  3. Thanks a lot deuse. :)

    Swi66 provided a good list of many other tv and movie cars:

    Munster's Coach
    Fireball 500 car
    American Graffitti Cars
    Vanishing Point Challenger
    Eleanor from Gone in 60 seconds
    Bullit Mustang and Charger
    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    Maxwell Smart's Sunbeam
    James Bond Astin Martin
    John Steed's Bentley
    Mini's used in the "Italian Job"
    Delorean from Back to the future
    Transformer cars
    The Road Warrior's Australian Falcon Interceptor
    Pacer from Wayne's World
    Dan Tanna's T-Bird
    The Corvette from Route 66
    Chrysler Turbine car from "The Lively Set"

    I think I've watched all those cars on TV before. I've got a TV permanently burned into my brain; I've watched so much.

    I guess my memory got jogged a little. I saw a lot of Magnum P.I. back then. If I drove a sports car, it's gotta be the Ferrari: [​IMG]

    from nwrfca.org
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    I use Notepad for all my coding.

    Well, not all my coding, just stuff that doesn't use Visual Studio. I used to write my programming assignments in Notepad, which the prof hated, but he couldn't complain because they usually compiled on the first try and never failed to run when he got them.
  5. [​IMG] [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=-2]Click image above to see a close-up[/SIZE][/FONT] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    This is from showrods.com

    I've been trying to paste this kind of stuff for awhile, and it hasn't worked. It might be that I'm always trying to do it on my other forum, and they don't have the proper programming to accept it or not. I practiced a lot today in an e-mail to a friend, and it helped. :)

    When I was a small boy, I was crazy about the TV series Mannix. They had a special 1968 "Mannix Roadster" built by the company MPC just for that.
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  6. That's cool. I first starting surfing for the first time less than a year ago, August 2007. It has really gotten into my blood.

    I took computer programming in 1982 at Bay Valley Tech in Santa Clara, CA. I was only able to finish BASIC language. FORTRAN forget it. And in between those, nothing.
  7. Whoa baby! I hit the rollover jackpot! :bigthumb:

    It's got hundreds on its list of vehicles used on TV and movies:


    A sampling which includes the license plate numbers:

    Columbo Det. Columbo 1950 Rusty Gray Peugeot 044-APD or 448-DBZ

    Brady Bunch Mike & Carol Brady Chrysler Station Wagon JOP 745

    Blues Brothers 1989 1974 Dodge Monaco
    Blues Brothers 2000 1989 Crown Victoria

    Oh BTW Banacek was my favorite program in the 70's :)

    Banacek Thomas T. Banacek 1941 Packard Darrin 1-78344

    Avengers (New) John Steed Green Range Rover TXC-922J
    Avengers (New) Mike Gambit Red Jaguar XJS MLR-875P

    Family Matters Steven Q. Urkel Red & White 1960 BMW Isetta Mini Car P7C-128

    Full House Jesse Yellow Ford Mustang ("Sally") RDV-913
    Full House Joey Gladstone Red 1963 Rambler ("Rosie") JJE-805

    Happy Days Howard Cunningham Black Desoto F-3680
    Happy Days Howard Cunningham Hudson BFJ-380
    Happy Days Richie Cunningham 1952 Ford................ ;)

    Hawaii Five-O Steve McGarrett Black Mercury Sedan F6-3958 :eek3:

    James Bond Goldfinger and Thunderball Aston Martin DB5
    James Bond World Is Not Enough
    James Bond Auric Goldfinger 1937 Rolls Phantom lll

    Man From U.N.C.L.E. Napoleon Solo Metallic Blue Piranha

    Mister Ed Wilbur Post 1961 2-door Studebaker FIM-921
    Mister Ed Wilbur Post Sedan RJY-908

    Mod Squad Three Hippie Cops 1950 Mercury Station Wagon ("Woody" - 188-458

    Monkees The Monkees Monkeemobile PER-540 or NPH-623

    Simon & Simon A. J. Simon Red Camaro Convertible 1PPA335
    Simon & Simon A. J. Simon 1956 Blue Chevy Convertible

    They Came From Outer Space Ablerama & Boximaxio 1957 Red Corvette RWE-2KL :noes:

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