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    Ok, I have a few questions.

    First, what does ACP stand for?

    Second, how do you know anything about a bullet by getting its caliber or diameter in mm? For example you have a 7.62mm round, how do you know it will fit your rifle? I know they do stuff like 7.62mm x 54mm or something like that, but what about for pistols? Like for .45 caliber, is there only two types of .45 rounds, magnum and regular? :confused: Thanks guys.
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    ACP stands for "Automatic Colt Pistol", Colt being the company that backed the development for a cartridge design suitable for use in semi-automatic pistols.

    A gun is stamped, usually on the chamber or barrel, with the type of ammo it is designed to fire. There are some exceptions, but as a general rule, you can only safely fire the ammunition your weapon was designed for and is marked with. A cartridge is known either by a name given by it's inventor/adopter or by it's measurements.

    Some are commonly known by a mess of both, confusing things more, as in what we commonly call the "9mm" being known as 9mm Luger, 9mm Para, 9x19mm, etc.

    Some ammo is loaded to higher pressures in certain calibers when manufacturers determine that a pistol in a given caliber can handle a little more punch. These are marked with a designation of "+P" for high pressure (as in ".45 ACP +P"). Again, the gun maker will say if it's pistols are recommended for use with +P ammo, not all guns are durable enough to handle the higher pressure.

    "Magnum" is normally a designation in itself, such as in ".45 ACP, .308 Winchester, and .357 Magnum". As a rule, it wouldn't specify a more powerful ammo that can be fired in a gun chambered for a lesser cartridge.

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