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    I'm not sure for you guys but for me it's a tiny period of stability and then once again I realize how unhappy I really am, I'm just living without enjoying life. When I have the opportunity to advance or even make friendships I usually sobatage them. I've thought of medicine but what irks me about medicine its that it would be "hiding" the problem and not solving it. It wouldn't solve the structure of my life, how constricted it is. It all goes in a cycle or the same routine.

    How do you guys deal with the stable periods and then the nervous breakdowns/or just plain sad days??
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    Care,for all is like a bonsai tree
    Read this book.

    Its called The Cycle Of the Soul It explain that no matter how deep you have fallen there is always a way out.

    And it is this book what actually saved me from commiting suicide, and therefore i can tell you its really good. The most vital thing to save you from depression is that , yes there is a reason in life why you are here, there is something to do , and there is something to look forward too. You are here to help and love other people. By doing so your life becomes worthwhile, because its worthwhile to stop other people's misery and pain and so many people could use your help. And therefore its always good to help other people out, and your loving intereaction with other people is what it is all about. I've tried it and it really does make life a lot happier, there is love out there, that you cannot imagine. You need to aquire that love in order to become happy. Love is a posssession that makes you happy, and those poor souls who don't have it are unhappy. To bring love and light into other people's lives is what it is all about. A small act, a smile a gesture, any act of love that we give to others is wortwhile. And i hope that the book will make you satisfied.
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    aussie aussie aussie, oi oi oi!!

    hello fellow aussie!!


    first off, you need to realise that you have got to take the good with the bad ... when you are down, you have to accept what is happening, and get back up ... when you are up, make sure that you keep going up!! (up is infinite, down only lasts for a little while ... if that makes any sense!! :p )

    anyways, I can relate, because I have some UNSTABLE days, and I deal with them on-a-day-to-day basis ... it really comes down to handling and dealing with your emotions, and really deciding which ones you want to keep around, and which ones you don't ...

    if you aren't happy in your career, and you have been passed over for advancement enough, maybe you should try a career move?? I dunno, see what feels right to you!!

    good luck!!


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