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    LONG POST but I am bored at work and this will kill time...

    I was planning on going out with some friends to a club Saturday, but I didn't hear from them all day so I was sitting around and was bored. I had some plans with the ex (yeah yeah, I know, kill me) but they fell through, but since I was sitting around I called her up and we went out to a comedy club. My friends did call and found out what I was doing, bitched at me.

    Long story short, comedy club was fine, it was nice seeing her, but I left the place feeling a little depressed, not sure why, won't analyze it right now..Anyways, I call up my buddies, they aren't picking up. Club is about 30mins away, closes at 2am. It was 12am at this point. I was thinking about not going, yet I was driving out that way. Anywho, I said anything is better than being depressed so I went out to the club and decided to take my chances.

    Met my buddies and these 2 girls, 1 of which I knew. Got introduced to this girl Ashley, she seemed pretty chill.

    Danced with her most of the night. We somehow got to talking about movies and I asked what she thought of The Dark Knight. She said she hadn't seen it yet. I say "Get the fuck out," mean and all. She says, "Well I haven't seen it because you haven't taken me out on a date yet." I casually said "Well lets maybe see it tomorrow," but I can't say that I had an intent of doing that..besides I had already seen it.

    So anyways, I got her number a bit later and went home. I was contemplating possibly not calling her, especially about the day after (Sunday) since I was kinda meh bout the ex and all, but she ended up texting me saying "So when are we going out tomorrow?"

    I called her on Sunday and set up a time for the movie. Since a movie isn't a great idea for getting to know a person, I had her meet me about an hr earlier and we sat around and talked, which was nice. Somewhere during the movie I kissed her and knew that it couldn't go too bad past this.

    I walked her to her car after the movie and we ended up talking and kissing til around 3am (movie ended a little past midnight). I think she's really into me. Some things she said that stand out in memory:
    "So you're a good dancer, a good kisser..where are your flaws?" ( :lol: )
    "Oh the things I would do to you..." :naughty:

    The cons to the whole thing is that she lives kind of far away (~45mins away from where I stay with my dad, ~1hr from Ann Arbor)

    Moving on a little, I texted her yesterday on my way back from Niagara Falls, see how her job hunting day was. Me being me, I replied to one of her texts about my trip and then said "Maybe if you're lucky I will give you a call tonight." I ended up losing track of time and by the time I realized it, it was midnight so I did not want to call. She texted me a few minutes past that "Guess I wasn't lucky enough..."

    So I felt kind of like a dick, seeing as when we talked on Sunday I said how I hate when people say they will do something and then don't (and she felt the same way), but I feel like I have the upperhand currently. Besides, it's perfectly understandable if I fell asleep from my long drive. Besides, I didn't say I would call for sure, I said maybe :o

    I'm going to call her up later today and plan something with her tomorrow.
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    Cliffs: You made out with a girl you like, told her you'd call, then you didn't.
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    Well...good luck.

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