GUN A local Pawnshop got raided by the ATF today :mamoru:

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    Agents Raid Fairmont Pawn Shop
    Posted 3/2/2005 06:31 PM

    Five charged in illegal gun sales.
    Story by The Associated Press

    FAIRMONT, W.Va. (AP) - Four Marion County residents have been arrested for allegedly dealing guns through two pawn shops and lying to the federal government about the buyers.

    Authorities are searching for a fifth suspect. Christopher Dick of Fairmont and Christopher Myhalsky of Monongah both had federal firearms licenses. But prosecutors say the two worked with conspirators to hide the true identities of buyers from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

    Also charged today were Angela Dillard and Cole Dick, both of Fairmont, and George Smith of Brooklyn, New York. U.S. Attorney Thomas Johnston says the illegal procedure known as a straw purchase is used by people who are barred from owning firearms -- such as those who are under 21 or convicted felons.

    Smith, Dillard, and Christopher and Cole Dick were all named in an indictment charging them with conspiracy, mail fraud, filing false documents, and aiding and abetting.

    Myhalsky was named in a separate indictment charging him with similar straw purchases.

    The pawn shops at the center of the investigation are Chrisland Enterprises and Foxx Pawn.

    link to the story incase anyone want it, no more info though:

    They have horrible prices anyway :mamoru:
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