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    I have become a freak, and a sex toy
    So, last night I was enjoying the night to myself as my fiancé was out with the girls enjoying happy hour at numerous spots on the island (Galveston). When I got home I took a shower and made me some Campbell’s Chunky Clam Chowder soup and settled in to flip channels for the night – pretty peaceful and relaxing night really.

    Anyway, she gets home about 10:30 last night pretty blitzed. One thing about me she hasn’t quiet learned yet is that, for some reason I can’t explain, I have very little tolerance for drunk people – unless I’m drunk too, of course. If I’m sober and someone else is drunk I get aggravated and easily irritated with them. Anyway, she proceeds to get way up under my skin, so I decide it would be best to say good night and head to bed; besides, I’ve got to work today. I go get in bed and she jumps in the shower. After she gets out I hear the front door open and assume she is taking the dog out, no big deal. Man, was I wrong.

    The next thing I know the bedroom door is flung open, I instinctively jump for the nightstand to grab my pistol, only to see my fiancé and two of her very cute friends walk into the room. Now, my fiancé had a very active life before me, and until she met me a guy wasn’t part of the picture since her early college days, so most of the girls she knows, she “knows” – if you get my drift. Anyway, there I am with an utterly stupid look on my face, standing naked in front of three very cute girls, and there my fiancé is, naked, looking at me from across the room. The next words I hear I will not easily forget – “Let’s do this”.

    She walks over to me and throws me on the bed. She looks at me with a look I’ve never seen before and tells me “no matter what happens, do not say stop”, she then proceeds to crawl up and sit on my face reverse-cowgirl style. I then feel her very capable mouth wrap around me and I start doing my job, and up until this point I had completely forgotten about the company she brought with her.

    I assume only a few seconds pass, but it felt like hours. Then I feel the two other girls crawl onto the bed and am soon surrounded by the soft, luscious bodies of my woman and her friends. I can’t easily see what happening down there since I have my woman’s ass in my face, but I do know that it felt fantastic. Fingers, tongues and mouths work there way around my body for what seemed like an eternity.

    Fast forward. Most of the details are the same. I would do my woman while one of her friends sat on her face or I would do my woman while the other two girls played. This is the stuff campfire stories are made of – the stuff your friends never believe you about. There is so much going on that I can not concentrating on sex, it’s like sex on a new level. I have had girl on girl before, but not three at once – and I had never been taken charge of like that – truly erotic is the only way I can describe it.

    Anyway, at one point in the night I was doing my fiancé doggie style while she was bent over the bed. She was eagerly working on her friend who was laid out in front of her, I had an amazing view and felt the end was very near for me. It was then my life would change forever. The third girl was behind me and started playing with my chest. Up until this point I was very hands off with the other parties involved, as far as I was concerned the only object I was interested in was my fiancé, everything else was for her. This girl put her hand under me and started playing with my boys, my senses were being overloaded and I was sure the inevitable was approaching.

    Suddenly, as if she knew that was about to happen, my fiancé looked back at me and reminded me that I was not allowed to stop anything that was happening, I agreed – although I’m not too sure I had the mental capacity at that time to agree to anything. On cue, the girl behind me dropped to her knees and started playing with my ass. It felt good, in a strange, forbidden kind of way, but it took me a minute to settle the screaming voice in my head saying “WHAT THE FUCK”. After a minute or two she stands up and moves away, I take this as my cue to, as the board knows it, PIIDB. Now I am on my knees behind my woman who is 69ing this other girl when I feel the third girl approach me from behind. This time she would be sure that every ounce of sexuality would be ripped from my brain. I have no good things to say about what I felt next as she, with help from the girl who had a mouth full of my fiancé, begin doing me with a strap on.

    I now have a very real understanding of what it feels like for a woman to get something put in a place that was designed for one way departures. It fucking hurt like hell, and all I could do was sit motionless and scream “WHAT THE FUCK”. The girl behind me grabbed my hair and told me, in a very commanding voice, to “shut the fuck up” – my fiancé turned to me and told me everything would be ok. Now, seeing as I was doing to her what was being done to me, I felt I had no place to argue – however, everything about who I thought I was was being challenged.

    Over the next minute or so the pain subsided, and although I am still questioning my sexuality, what was happening started to feel, oddly enough, good – very good in fact. This was a situation I never would have dreamed of being in, and while the thought of being with someone of the same sex is utterly revolting, what happened last night was freaky, and on some level, very erotic. I came like I never had before. We all laid there for a while afterwards, wrapped in each others arms while this little voice in my head was crying out for help. Later that night, after the other two left, me and my fiancé talked about what had happened. She questioned why I didn’t touch the other girls and felt guilty for putting me in a situation like she did. I reassured her had it been too much I would have stopped, but a little warning would have been nice.

    I am now left with visions that won’t easily go away. I felt things last night I didn’t think were natural, I saw things last night that were very unrealistic. It was an adventure in sexuality, eroticism, fantasy, pain and pleasure. I told my fiancé that as long as I was present during the girl play I didn’t consider it cheating, but if she did it behind my back then, to me, it would be as bad as fucking another guy. She understood and promised more encounters down the road, although I’m not too sure I want to try being a “man toy” again.

    Anyway, just so everyone knows, I am officially a freak! For the first time in my life I felt like crawling into a corner and crying after sex…..
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    The Nether Regions
    All I can say is Welcome... :naughty:

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    holllllllllllllllly shit...that has too be one of the best stories....
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    Muwah ha ha ha!!!!!!

    That's how you know it was REALLY good sexin!
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    hottest story :bowdown:

    Should probably say though, freaky should always be done with the permission of all parties* so make sure you keep talking lots with your gf

    *although sometimes this line can be rather blurred :big grin:

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