TAT A note to anyone stretching an apadravya

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    Get a threaded taper that will let your jewelry screw into it.

    I stretched from 10ga to 8ga and it wasn't that bad. It did sting but a lot less than I thought it would. I started from the bottom up. I lubed up my supplies and put in the taper. I pushed through until the end of the taper was barely visible through the hole in the meatus. I butted the new jewelry into the taper and attempted to let the taper guide the jewelry into the glans tissue.

    My clever plan failed. The jewelry was stuck in the urethra so I just completed the stretch with the taper then turned the taper around and reinserted the thin end into the glans and down to the urethra to once again try to guide the jewelry in. After about 15 seconds of prodding and near misses, I got the hole and screwed in my jewelry.

    It was sore and VERY tight that day. It has been 2 days since then and it's not tight at all. It still aches a bit when I push hard on it but that's it.

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