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    The Line in the Sand is an October Sun Films documentary filmed, produced, directed, and edited by independent film maker Byron Jost. The Line in the Sand chronicles the who, what, where, when, and why of Americans southern immigration crisis and the resulting border chaos. The flow of information centers around the experiences, and media/government vilification of border protection groups such as, Ranch Rescue, Civil Homeland Defense, and the Minutemen. Jost follows members of these groups around in their daily lives, on midnight stakeouts, and treks into the desert as they tell their story of the environmental, economic, and psychological hardship Americas open border policy has foisted on them. To keep the attention of the viewer, the film is peppered with an expose of what amounts to Mexicos unapologetic pursuit of its own ethnic and national interests. As if it even needs to be said, The Line in the Sand is a controversial peek into Americas southern immigration crisis that is rarely seen in the mainstream media.

    Jost centers The Line in the Sand around border protection groups by filming them as they watch Americas southern border and tell their tales of being harassed, harangued, and hung out to dry by Americas leaders and paid, but paralyzed, sentinels. The stories of their contact with the border patrol are ambiguous. They are threatened with arrest for picking up the trash migrants leave behind, consistently being asked to produce identification, and in the beginning, their activities were all out thwarted by the border patrol that flashed sirens and honked horns around them to alert migrants of their position. They are told by the border patrol that the orders to do these things come from supervisors and even Washington. On the other hand, they also meet border patrol agents who are sympathetic to their pursuits. Of course, the media is also hostile to their groups. They are smeared as racists and vigilantes. Taking note of their behavior, opinions, and the way the Minutemen conduct their operations one can clearly see that racist and vigilante is a willful mischaracterization of the members. First the vigilante label, all they do is call the border patrol when they spot border crossers. They are no more vigilante than neighborhood watch groups. As for racism, they dont seem to be motivated by a desire to keep the ethnic balance of America in favor of their own ethnic group, although even that could hardly be considered racism, or by a sense of superiority, or even by a desire to subjugate others. No, they are motivated more by economic, environmental, and safety concerns which, lets face it, have nothing to do with racism.

    The environmental gripes they have stem from the massive swath of refuse left by discreet groups of border crossers of varying sizes, and the methamphetamine labs setup in houses near the border. The waste left behind is as eclectic as its ever growing magnitude. Plastic bottles, clothing, feces, hygienic products, and backpacks is just a sample of what is shown on camera lying under trees and any other desert flora that could be used as shelter. Even though it is less visible, safety from drug smugglers and Mexican criminals hang over their minds like the stench from the piles of garbage they leave behind. The members weave tales of drug smugglers terrorizing border residents into moving away only to buy the property and setup a drug lab, child molesters being apprehended within groups of border crossers, and newly arrived migrants loitering around school bus stops. As for their economic anxieties, they explain how insurance companies will not insure ranch fences because they are constantly destroyed by smugglers of all sorts. Their wage scales drop due to the massive influx of cheap labor. Contractors who play by the rules and hire citizens are run out of business by contractors who hire cheap migrant labor. If that werent enough, they tell of the stress they put on the state due to their consumption of expensive public education, while only paying back a fraction in taxes.

    By the end of the film, a clear theme emerges. Mexico is aggressively pursuing its ethnic and national interests at the expense of an apathetic America, excluding its approving leadership. Glen Spencer, head and founder of American Border Patrol played numerous audio clips of Mexican leaders speaking about their aggressive ethnic pursuits. For example, Elena Poniatowska a leading Mexican pundit and novelist says, Mexico is recovering territories ceded to the United States with migratory tactics. Presidential medal of freedom winner and co-founder of MALDEF Mario Obledo says, We are going to take over all the political institutions of California. In five years, the Hispanics are going to be the majority. and California is going to become a Hispanic state and if anyone doesnt like it should go back to Europe. Head of the California Democratic Party Art Torres says, Remember [proposition] 187 is the last gasp of White America in California. Keeping in mind the footage of protestors in The Line in the Sand who support such rhetoric, and the recent massive pro-immigration protests, it is obvious the views in the quotes given by Glen Spencer are not a fringe minority. The motivation for Mexico to pursue its aggressive immigration policies is clear: get rid of the lower class, rake in the pesos as they send money back home, and establish a greater Mexico known as Aztlan (a sort of Mexican Manifest Destiny) through their migrants. While there is nothing new with a nation putting itself first and pursuing its own interests at the expense of others, usually there is a well supported resistance to such pursuits. The trouble we have today is anyone who resists the Mexican aggression is shouted down as a homicidal racist. Not only do Mexicans get coalitions and institutions that pursue their interests in America, all minority groups have this. As for the majority group, in lieu of pursuing their own (legitimate) interests, the White American must embrace an elaborate scam known as diversity.

    The American southern border is a boundary in a state of great biological flux. On one side you have a people trying to obtain a better life and on the other you have a people trying to maintain a better life. The only new aspect of this situation is the perceived immorality of resistance

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