A word of advice about shipping audio components

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Blindsight, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. Blindsight

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    Don't use UPS :nono:

    I charged the purchaser of one of my amps $60 for UPS second day air, and it ended up running me $100 because they insisted it had to be in this gigantic box. This was after they ensured me it wouldn't be expensive.

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    :ugh: that is expensive as hell... My 150 pound Monivision CRT was 80 dollars to ship, and had to be shipped by a freight company.

    Is he picking up the shipping charges or are you?
  3. are you saying it cost 40 to ship it or 100?
  4. Blindsight

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    I told him that since it was basically UPS' fault, that he could decide for himself if he felt like paying the extra cost. He loved my amp so much and was such a cool guy that he said he would pay the extra cash, but I think I'm gonna split the damage 50/50 with him... :hs:
  5. Blindsight

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    It most definitely ran me $97.70 when all was said and done, even though I only charged him $60. So net loss of ~$40 for me. The $60 charge was estimated using their online shipping bullshit, and I wanted to use my own box. In the store they saw my box and said "oh thats far too small" and I was like "well I'll only use your box if it won't be drastically more expensive" and they basically assured me it wouldn't. Then - get this bullshit - they were like "okay its $80 total" and I get home, the credit slip says $97.70 because the actual box itself was $16 :greddy:
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