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    Armageddon Production Committee, 1996
    Manga Entertainment, 1996
    Directed by Hyunse Lee.
    Suggested 13-Up for graphic violence, slight nudity, mature situations and strong language.

    by areaseven -

    South Koreans have gone a long way, haven't they? Their electronics are improving and their cars are looking almost better than most Japanese rice-burners. Korean hardware is good, but has anyone noticed their software?

    Animation isn't exactly new territory for Korea, as they've worked on American cartoons (The Simpsons, Aeon Flux) and Japanimation (Macross Plus, Vampire Hunter D, etc.). But Armageddon (not that asteroid movie with Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck) marks the first all-Korean made animated feature.

    Story: D
    Armageddon borrows too much from anime classics like Harmagedon and AKIRA, as well as various American sci-fi novels. The movie is also marred by uninteresting characters and a lack of a cohesive plot.

    Animation: C-
    Armageddon uses some decent computer graphics, but the 2D animation looks too much like Transformers: The Movie. Not that I don't like that film, but they could've animated something that didn't look 80s.

    The character designs have, character at all. Japanimation characters are known for their large eyes, but Koreanimation characters just don't stand out from anything at all.

    Soundtrack: D+
    All the cheesy MIDI music makes the soundtrack uninteresting.

    Sub vs. Dub
    Sorry, only an English version is available at this time. And it's not one of ZRO Limit/Animaze's best works.

    DVD Extras
    So far, this movie is not available on DVD, but Manga has been hinting such a release. Hope this doesn't come out on DVD at all.

    The Bottom Line
    The first step in Koreanimation is a rather painful one. Skip this one and check out Wonderful Days instead.


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