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    Chance Pop Session
    avex Group, 2001-2002
    ADV Films, 2003
    Rated 12+ for mature situations.

    by areaseven -

    I got bored after the first five minutes, so I just glanced at the anime without comprehending with the story. It's just that there's certain shojo anime I can't get into.

    Animation: B
    Pretty decent. Nothing spectacular.

    Soundtrack: B
    If you don't like J-Pop, skip this one.

    Sub vs. Dub
    Chance Pop Session features Mayumi Iizuka (Reiko in Gate Keepers, Sora in Escaflowne: The Movie) as Akari, Atsuko Enomoto (Steel Angel Kurumi, Yukino in His & Her Circumstances) as Yuki, Maria Yamamoto (Hand Maid May, Amazing Nurse Nanako) as Nozomi, Mariko Koda (Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, Yuri in Dirty Pair Flash) as Reika, Takehito Koyasu (Betterman, Ryosuke in Initial D) as Kaito, Yu Daiki as Kisaragi, Hozumi Goda as Shiro, Osamu Saka as Shou, Miki Ito (Project A-Ko, Gally in Battle Angel) as En, Hiroshi Naka as Samuel, Yuichi Nagashima as Hikoza, Motoko Kumai as Otoki, and Katsuyuki Onishi as Yaokichi.

    ADV's sub-par dubbing is one of the reasons why I couldn't get into this one.

    The Bottom Line
    Reminds me too much of Jem.

    Reference: Seiyuu Database

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