COMIC A7 Review - Gensoumaden Saiyuki

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    Gensoumaden Saiyuki ( 幻想魔伝 最遊記 )
    Studio Pierrot/Dentsu/TV Tokyo/ENIX, 2000-2001
    ADV Films, 2003
    Directed by Hayato Date (Naruto).
    Rated 15+ for graphic violence and strong language.

    by areaseven -

    Based on the best-selling manga by Kazuya Minekura. Many years ago, humans and demons lived in harmony. But that unity ended when demons started attacking humans and plotted a mission to unleash Gyumao - an evil demon imprisoned for thousands of years. Now, Genjo Sanzo, a rogue priest, must team up with three demons - Sha Gojyo, Son Goku, and Cho Hakkai - and embark on a perilous journey to India to stop these demons from resurrecting Gyumao and restore the balance between humans and demons on Earth.

    Story: B+
    Normally, I don't watch bishonen-oriented anime like Weiß Kreuz or Gundam Wing, but Saiyuki has a lot of action and attitude that appeals not only to girls, but everyone else. Not to mention that Son Goku here is a lot more interesting than the overhyped version you see every weekday on Cartoon Network.

    Animation: B
    Studio Pierrot's (Great Teacher Onizuka, Fushigi Yuugi) animation is a mixed bag. The 3D effects look pretty cool, but most of the 2D animation look kind of messy.

    Soundtrack: B
    The J-Rock opening and ending themes are very catchy (especially with the opening theme copying Aerosmith's "Eat the Rich" guitar riff), but the BGM is hardly noticeable.

    Sub vs. Dub
    Saiyuki features Toshihiko Seki (Legato in Trigun, Rau in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED) as Genjo, Hiroaki Hirata (Sanji in One Piece, Jack in L/R) as Gojyo, Soichiro Hoshi (Kazuma in Scryed, Kira in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED) as Son Goku, and Akira Ishida (Kaworu in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Athrun in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED) as Hakkai.

    ADV's english dub is actually pretty good. Featured voices include David Mantranga (Orphen, Kamihito in Steel Angel Kurumi) as Genjo, Illich Guardiola as Gojyo, Greg Ayres (Shinji in Full Metal Panic!) as Son Goku, and Braden Hunt as Hakkai.

    DVD Extras
    Since this review is based on the sample disc included in Newtype USA vol. 2 no. 4, I can't tell right now if the extras on the full DVD are any good. Will rent it once it's available at NetFlix.

    The Bottom Line
    Saiyuki is one of the few bishonen anime titles that's actually interesting. Definitely worth a rent.

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