COMIC A7 Review - Getter Robo Armageddon

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    Change!! Shin Getter Robo - Sekai Saishuu no Hi ( 真(チェンジ!!)ゲッターロボ 世界最後の日 )
    Dynamic Planning/Marubeni/Bandai Visual, 1998-1999
    ADV Films, 2001-2002
    Directed by Yutaka Sato, Yasuhiro Geshi and Jun Kawagoe (eX-Driver, Shin Getter Robo vs. Neo Getter Robo).
    Rated 15+ for extreme violence and gore, nudity, mature situations and strong language.

    Based on the popular Getter Robo manga and anime series by Go Nagai (Mazinger Z, Devilman) and Ken Ishikawa. Years after the Getter Team defeated the alien Invaders, humanity lives in peace. But the Invaders make an unexpected return to Earth and begin to wreak havoc on the planet once again.

    Sent to jail after being accused of murdering Getter Robo creator Dr. Saotome, Ryoma Nagare must once again team up with his former comrades and pilot Getter Robo when Saotome returns from the dead and poses a threat to humanity by unleashing his greatest creation - the Shin Dragon. Their efforts, however, are in vain as they fail to stop a nuclear warhead from hitting Shin Dragon, resulting in a mass contamination of the atmosphere by Getter Rays that wipes out 99% of the planet's population.

    Thirteen years after this great catastrophe, mankind continues to fight for survival against the Invaders. Out of the remains of the nuclear blast comes Shin Getter Robo, piloted by the artificial human Go. With remnants of the Japanese military by his side, Go - along with co-pilots Kei and Gai - must use Shin Getter to exterminate the Invaders once and for all.

    Story: D+
    The first three episodes of the series caught my attention as it brought back memories of the original Getter Robo series. Unfortunately, everything went downhill starting with episode four due to the confusing storyline and the countless plot holes. Character development also went down the drain once the series uncovered Kei's real identity. The ending didn't help at all, either, as it made no sense.

    Animation: B
    The first half of the series looks decent, but the quality slightly degrades before the end. Kenji Hayama's (Mazinkaiser, The SoulTaker) character designs are decent while Tatsuo Yamada's (Mazinkaiser) mecha designs are a mixed bag. Shin Getter looks cool and all, but Shin Dragon's final form looks like crap. I'd probably go all the way to saying it makes Kunio Okawara's (Mobile Suit Gundam, GaoGaiGar) mecha designs look like Shoji Kawamori's (Macross/Macross Plus/Macross 7/Macross Zero) works.

    Soundtrack: B+
    Ichiro Mizuki (the Sinatra of anime music) returns to his Super Robot roots with the distinctively Japanese-style first opening "Ima ga Sono Toki da," followed by a more modern approach with Hironobu Kageyama's (Mazinkaiser, Heat Guy J) "Heats," the series' second opening. Eveything else is just sub-par and forgettable.

    Sub vs. Dub
    Shin Getter Robo features Hideo Ishikawa (Akira in Weiß Kreuz) as Ryoma, Naoya Uchida (Edajima in Please Teacher!) as Hayato, Shozo Iizuka (Ryu Jose in Mobile Suit Gundam) as Benkei, Tomokazu Seki (Van in Escaflowne, Sagara in Full Metal Panic!) as Go, Narumi Hidaka (Allenby in Mobile Fighter G-Gundam) as Kei, Yasunori Matsumoto (Gourry in Slayers, Seta in Love Hina) as Gai, Daisuke Gouri (Basque Ohm in Mobile Suit Gundam 0083/Zeta Gundam, E. Honda in Street Fighter II: The Movie) as Cohen, Masashi Hirose (Ranba Ral in Mobile Suit Gundam) as Stinger, Shinpachi Tsuji (Big Ear in The Big O) as Musashi, and Mugihito (Keel Lorentz in Neon Genesis Evangelion) as Professor Saotome.

    The English dub from ADV is pretty tasteless. The only good thing about it is the next episode narration.

    DVD Extras: B-
    Aside from the clean opening & ending sequences, the DVDs have concept art, additional notes from the production team, and behind-the-scene footage of the English dub.

    The Bottom Line
    Strictly for Go Nagai fans only. Other viewers may not tolerate the shallow plot and countless loopholes. You're better off with Mazinkaiser.

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    ya, the story wasnt really that great

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