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    Great Dangaioh (Haja-Kyousei G-Dangaioh)
    AIC/TV Asahi/avex mode, 2001
    Viz Video, 2002-2003
    Directed by Toshiki (Toshihiro) Hirano (Hades Project Zeorymer, Fight! Iczer-One).
    Rated 13-Up for graphic violence.

    Back when I first started collecting anime, one of my earlier titles was Dangaioh (the subtitled release by US Renditions, not the crappy Manga Video dub). After a rather abrupt ending, I was hoping for AIC to do a sequel series.

    Instead, we got Great Dangaioh...

    Story: C+
    Instead of a sequel, AIC decided to do a completely different anime using the Dangaioh name. It just isn't as catchy as the original and the characters just aren't very memorable.

    Animation: B+
    A decent mix of 2D and digital 3D animation, but nothing compared to other robot titles like The Big-O. I thought Dai-Guard had better mecha designs than this one.

    Soundtrack: B-
    I wasn't actually paying attention to the BGM.

    Sub vs. Dub
    Beware of the English dub. It's not done by Canada's Ocean Studios (Ranma 1/2, Inu-Yasha) or any dubbing company here in North America. Great Dangaioh was dubbed in the Philippines by Telesuccess Productions. I knew those accents were familiar.

    DVD Extras: C
    Just character sketches. No trailers or catalogs like other Viz titles.

    The Bottom Line
    Great Dangaioh isn't bad. It just isn't great and not as fun to watch as the original Dangaioh.

    Reference: Anime News Network.
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    So is it a sequel to the old ass one from the 80s or a remake/alternate thing?

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