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    Kido Senshi SD Gundam Mk. I ( ‹@“®?íZmSDƒKƒ“ƒ_ƒ€ Mk. I)
    Sunrise/Sotsu Agency/Bandai Visual, 1987-1988
    Sorry, Bandai's not interested in releasing this series in the US.
    Not Rated (Suggested 13-Up). Contains comic violence, nudity and mature situations.

    SD (Super-Deformed) Gundam is a collection of short parodies of the Mobile Suit Gundam saga. Episode 1 makes fun of key events that happened on the first series. In epsode 2, Gundam pilots Amuro, Camille and Judeau fight over whose pension is better, only to have their party trashed by Char. Episode 3 is the all-star Gundam Olympics, featuring no-holds-barred events with characters and mobile suits as the participants.

    Story: B+
    If you haven't seen the first Mobile Suit Gundam TV series/movie trilogy, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam or Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, you won't get most of the jokes. Hardcore Gundam fans will probably die laughing at all the gags and toilet humor used in SD Gundam. The series even treats a colony drop like Monty Python's trademark foot stomp.

    Animation: B
    Because it's a parody title, don't expect high-quality animation like the new SD Gundam Force series airing on Cartoon Network. The artwork obviously lacks detail, but is wacky as hell.

    "Puru-puru-puru-puru!" - Puru-chan

    Soundtrack: B-
    Not like there's anything worth talking about.

    "Woody, desu." - Woody Malden

    Reprising their roles are Toru Furuya (Yamcha in Dragon Ball/DBZ/DBGT, Tuxedo Kamen in Sailor Moon) as Amuro/Gundam, Shuuichi Ikeda (Captain Napolipolita in Project A-Ko, Seijuro in Rurouni Kenshin) as Char, Nobuo Tobita (Aoshima in Ah! My Goddess, Tomo in Fushigi Yuugi) as Camille, Kazuki Yao (Iketani in Initial D, Dark Schneider in Bastard!!) as Judeau, Bin Shimada (Stick Bernard in Genesis Climber Mospeada, Nakajima in You're Under Arrest) as Scirocco (not "Syrup" or "Torokko"), Keiko Han (Luna in Sailor Moon, Annerose in Legend of the Galactic Heroes) as Lalah, Hirotaka Suzuoki (Kuno in Ranma 1/2, Lynn Kaifun in Macross) as Bright Noah, Sanae Takagi as Haro, Toshio Furukawa (Ataru in Urusei Yatsura, Piccolo in Dragon Ball/DBZ/DBGT) as Kai, Chieko Honda (Miku in Hades Project Zeorymer) as Puru-chan, the late You Inoue (Kanuka in Mobile Police Patlabor, Gepelnich in Macross 7) as Sayla, Maya Okamoto (Soletta in Sakura Wars, Lamba Nom in Dangaioh) as Emma, Yoshiko Sakakibara (Sylia in Bubblegum Crisis, Integra in Hellsing) as Haman, Rumiko Ukai as Frau Bow, Saeko Shimazu (Yuri in Dirty Pair, Shinobu in Urusei Yatsura) as Four, Miyuki Matsuoka as Fa, Fuyumi Shiraishi as Mirai, Miki Ito (Project A-Ko, Battle Angel) as Mineva Zabi, Hidekatsu Shibata (Geese in Fatal Fury, male Baron Ashura in Mazinger Z/Mazinkaiser) as Degwin Zabi, Daisuke Gouri (Umigame in Dragon Ball/DBZ/DBGT) as Dozle Zabi, Katsuji Mori (Ken in Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman) as Garma Zabi, Hideyuki Tanaka (Fujitaka in Cardcaptor Sakura) as Woody, Keiko Toda (Iczer-2 in Fight! Iczer-One) as Matilda, and Ichiro Nagai (Happosai in Ranma 1/2, Cherry in Urusei Yatsura) as the narrator.

    "NYAA!" - Camille Vidan

    The Bottom Line
    While the new SD Gundam Force series is for kids, this OAV collection is for hardcore Gundam fans only. Otherwise, if you want loads of cheap laughs, pick up SD Gundam today.


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