COMIC A7 Review - Photon: The Idiot Adventurers

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    Photon ( ƒtƒHƒgƒ“ )
    AIC/MOVIC/King Records, 1997-1998
    U.S. Manga Corps., 2001
    Directed by Koji Masunari (Read Or Die, Omishi Magical Theater Risky Safety).
    Rated 16-Up for graphic violence, gratuitous T&A, HLA, S&M, suggestive sex with a minor, incest, and strong language.

    Photon Earth is a young and gentle boy with superhuman strength and ƒoƒJ ("Baka"*) scribbled on his forehead (apparently by his troublemaking friend Aun Freya). One day, he finds himself engaged to the beautiful fugitive pilot Keyne Acqua after writing ƒoƒJ on her forehead. And that's the least of his worries as he must protect both Aun and Keyne from the evil Papacharino, who seeks to steal the secrets of "Aho"** energy from Keyne's grandfather's ship.

    *For those new to anime, "Baka" means a lot of derogatory things. "Idiot" and "stupid" are the most common meanings.
    **"Aho" is another Japanese word similar to "Baka".

    Story: B
    Even though Photon is very derivative of Tenchi Muyo! (right down to Keyne and Aun's bath house scene), the story will leave you laughing non-stop with its rather dirty humor and tons of fan service. As a matter of fact, the fan service has caused Central Park Media to post sexual content warnings usually reserved for their Anime 18 hentai titles. Be warned: much of Photon's content may be hazardous to your brain.

    Animation: A
    Before they went all-digital, AIC was one of the best companies when it came to traditional cel animation. And it shows in Photon with its excellent artwork and outstanding animation, just equal to the Tenchi Muyo! In Love theatrical release.

    Soundtrack: B+
    Not much to talk about with the BGM, but the opening theme is pretty catchy after a few episodes, as well as the ending theme by Yui Horie.

    Sub vs. Dub
    Photon features Junko Takeuchi (Naruto, Gon in Hunter X Hunter) as Photon, Yumi Kuroda (Shakti in Mobile Suit Victory Gundam) as Keyne, Yui Horie (Naru in Love Hina, Ayu in Ultra Maniac) as Aun, Yuri Amano (Kiyone in Tenchi Muyo!, Rain in Mobile Fighter G-Gundam) as Lashara, Koichi Yamadera (Spike in Cowboy Bebop, Ryoga in Ranma 1/2) as Papacha, Akiko Hiramatsu (Miyuki in You're Under Arrest, Yukari-chan in Azumanga Daioh) as Buran, Ai Orikasa (Ryoko in Tenchi Muyo!, Ayame in Sakura Wars) as Aun's sister, and Yuu Asakawa (Sakaki in Azumanga Daioh, Motoko in Love Hina) as Pochi #'s 2-28.

    Central Park Media's dubs should always be put on MUTE.

    DVD Extras: C
    As with all CPM DVD titles, you have special DVD-ROM features like an image gallery, script, and production lists. There's also a "Meet the Cast" section, playing some character scenes from the OAV. Otherwise, CPM has nothing else to show here.

    The Bottom Line
    Photon is Tenchi Muyo! on crack. You might die laughing from this anime.


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