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    Puni Puni Poemi
    Victor Entertainment, 2001
    ADV Films (Release Date Unknown).
    Directed by Shinichi Watanabe (Excel Saga).
    Not Rated. Contains graphic violence, nudity, sexual situations and profanity.

    by areaseven -

    Poemi is a 10-year-old girl with aspirations of being a seiyuu (anime voice actress). Unfortunately, her school grades suck and her voice acting is even worse.

    After losing her foster parents to an evil alien, Poemi moves in with her best friend Futaba Aasu and her sisters. When the alien attacks Japan with a huge robot, the Aasu sisters prepare for battle. Unfortunately, none of their powers are useful, so it's up to Poemi to save the day. She grabs a talking fish, skins it into a wand and waves it around, transforming her into magical girl Puni Puni Poemi.

    Story: A-
    To give this anime an A-, I must be on crack or something. Puni-Puni Poemi is non-stop laughs with the OAV making fun of itself, Excel Saga, anime in general and the art of voice acting. Like Excel Saga, this anime may be extremely hazardous to your brain.

    Animation: A-
    For this two episode OAV, Poemi boasts better artwork and animation than most of Excel Saga.

    Soundtrack: B
    While the BGM is a bit generic, the songs written by Shinichi Watanabe are priceless.

    Puni Puni Poemi features Yumiko Kobayashi (Sarah in Love Hina, Excel Kobayashi in Excel Saga) as Poemi (and herself), Yuka Imai (Otaru in Saber Marionette J/J Again/J to X, Wakaba in Revolutionary Girl Utena) as Futaba, Aya Hisakawa (Skuld in Ah! My Goddess, Haruka in RahXephon) as Nanase, Tomoko Kawakami (Revolutionary Girl Utena, as Mutsumi, Kotono Mitsuishi (Excel Saga, Misato in Neon Genesis Evangelion) as Itsue (and herself), Omi Minami (Hyatt in Excel Saga, Ruri in Martian Successor Nadesico) as Shii, Atsuko Enomoto (Steel Angel Kurumi, Yukino in His & Her Circumstances) as Mitsuki, Satomi Korogi (Menchi in Excel Saga) as Hitomi, and Shinichi Watanabe reprising his role as Nabeshin.

    The Bottom Line
    Outrageously offensive, Puni Puni Poemi is not for everyone. Excel Saga fans should not fail to add this to their collection. Otherwise, for the casual anime fans, just watch it.

    Reference: Excel and Seiyuu Database
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    that show was fucking hallarious :rofl: :rofl:

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