COMIC A7 Review - R.O.D. Read Or Die

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by TriShield, Dec 13, 2002.

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    Sony Music Entertainment, 2002
    Manga Entertainment (Projected Release Date: 2003)
    Directed by Koji Masunari (Photon, Tenkuu no Senki Shurato).
    Not Rated. Contains graphic violence, slight nudity and mature situations.

    by areaseven (

    Meet Yomiko Readman, a substitute teacher known for two things: an undying love for books and her extraordinary ability to turn paper into a deadly weapon. Because of her gifted talent, Yomiko is code-named "The Paper" by the British Library Task Force.

    Partnered with Nancy "Ms. Deep" Makuhari - a beautiful and cunning agent who's literally hard to catch (read: phasing), Yomiko must use her powers to stop a group of mysterious terrorists responsible for the destruction of the White House and other numerous incidents.

    Story: A-
    Despite being only three episodes long, Read Or Die keeps you hooked with its fast-paced action and numerous plot twists.

    Animation: A+
    Read Or Die is said to be one of the most expensive anime OAV titles to produce. No kidding, as it has one of the best combinations of digital 2D and 3D animation. Character designs by Masashi Ishihama (Tenamonya Voyagers).

    Soundtrack: A
    Taku Iwasaki provides a hip jazz/techno soundtrack with shades of John Barry (Dr. No and over a dozen James Bond films) and Lalo Schiffrin (Mission: Impossible).

    Sub vs. Dub
    Read Or Die features Rieko Miura as Yomiko, Michiko Neya (Melissa in Full Metal Panic!, Barnette in Vandread) as Nancy, Masami Iwasaki as Drake, Eiji Takemoto (Young Harlock in Cosmo Warrior Zero) as Paul, and Hozumi Gouda (Chirico in Armored Trooper VOTOMS, Hayami in Blue Submarine No. 6) as Joker.

    It is unknown which studio will be behind Manga Video's English dub of this title. Hopefully, they'll use ZRO Limit Productions/Animaze for the job.

    The Bottom Line
    If you dig anime and spy thrillers, Read Or Die is for you.
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    Capital City
    i was very pleasently suprised with this anime. it was very wel done. i wsnt expecting ti to be this good from the title, but it was very enjoyable :cool:
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    yeah, all that and "the paper" is a cutie. it was a definite burn to cd for later series. too bad it's only 3 long. if they made more, PLEASE let me know.

    funny and entertaining, with that oh-so-typical twist of decent drama i've found in many a good anime.

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