COMIC A7 Review - Rose of Versailles

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    Rose of Versailles ( ƒxƒ‹ƒTƒCƒ†‚̂΂ç )
    Tokyo Movie Shinsha, 1979-1980
    U.S. Distributor Pending.
    Directed by Osamu Dezaki (Golgo 13, Space Adventure Cobra) and the late Tadao Nagahama (Com-Battler V, Voltes V).
    Not Rated. Contains violence and mature situations.

    by areaseven -

    Based on the best-selling manga by Riyoko Ikeda. Long ago, a French nobleman was delighted by the birth of his sixth child. But to his dismay, the child was a girl instead of a boy he had longed for. Instead of accepting the child as a girl, he named her Oscar and raised her as a boy.

    Fourteen years after her birth, Oscar Francois de Jarjeyes has been chosen to protect queen-to-be Marie Antoinette. Rose of Versailles follows their adventures in France, right before the revolution that would change the country's history forever.

    Story: A
    Normally, I don't watch shojo anime because it's really not my cup of tea. But Rose of Versailles is different. The series captures you with its unique storytelling and excellent character development. No doubt that other famous shojo artists like CLAMP look up to this title as inspiration.

    Animation: A
    It's hard to believe that even after 24 years, Rose of Versailles still excels in this category. The artwork and animation quality became the absolute standard of shojo anime in the years to come.

    Soundtrack: A-
    Kouji Makaino (Bubblegum Crisis) provided a classical score that is absolutely timeless.

    Rose of Versailles features Reiko Tajima (Emeraldas in Arcadia of My Youth and the Galaxy Express 999 movies) as Oscar.

    The Bottom Line
    Rose of Versailles is arguably the best shojo anime ever made.


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