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    Toho Film/Bandai Visual, 1998
    ADV Films, 2001
    Directed by Hirotsuge Kawasaki.
    Rated R for graphic violence and strong language.

    by areaseven (

    Deep in the Ararat Mountains of Turkey, a secret organization known as ARCAM has found what is believed to be Noah's Ark. However, the U.S. Machine Corps., a rogue organization of the Pentagon, wants to take over the Ark as a means of global supremacy. Only a special ARCAM operative known as a Spriggan stands in their way.

    Japanese Spriggan Yu Ominae teams up with French Spriggan Jean-Jacques Mondo to combat members of the U.S. Machine Corps. led by Col. MacDougall - a genetically-enhanced boy with deadly psionic powers. But can they stop McDougall before he uses the Ark for his own agenda?

    Based on the manga by Hiroshi Takashige and Ryoji Minagawa (released in the US by Viz Comics as Striker), Spriggan marks the directorial debut of animator Hirotsuge Kawasaki (Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Ghost in the Shell).

    Story: C+
    Spriggan received a lot of flak from critics due to its confusing plot and lack of character development. Even fans of the manga hate it. Yeah, it's as mindless as a Die Hard wanna-be Hollywood action flick, but you get a lot of kicks from the action and dialogue like this:

    MacDougall: "How dare you soil this holy ground with your filthy boots!"

    Yu: "Yeah? Well I'm gonna use these boots to kick your ass!"

    Animation: A+
    This is pure eye-candy overdose. Spriggan uses digital 2D & 3D animation and quick-reflex camera angles that look like it was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by John Woo. Character designs by Hisashi Eguchi (Perfect Blue). Mecha designs by Kimitoshi Yamane (Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne) and Katsuhiro Otomo (AKIRA, Metropolis).

    Soundtrack: B-
    Original soundtrack composed by Kuniaki Haishima (Gasaraki). I wish I could enjoy the soundtrack, but the numerous Hollywood-style explosions made it tone-deaf. Remember how loud Armageddon was in theatres? You get that same loudness in your home system with this movie.

    BTW, what language was the ending theme in?

    Sub vs. Dub
    At this time, I have no information on the Japanese voice cast as it's not listed on this DVD.

    As for ADV's dubbing, it's actually tolerable despite inaccuracies to the script. The English cast includes Chris Patton (Yushiro Gowa in Gasaraki, Seishiro in Princess Nine) as Yu, Kevin Corn as McDougall, Ted Pfister (Daizaburo Gowa in Gasaraki) as Dr. Miesel, Andy McAvin (Kazukiyo Gowa in Gasaraki, Coach Kido in Princess Nine) as Jean-Jacques, Kelly Manison (Naga in Slayers: The Motion Picture, Linna in Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040) as Margaret, Mike Kleinhenz as Fattman, Spike Spencer (Shinji in Neon Genesis Evangelion , Yugo in Battle Angel) as Little Boy, and John Paul Shephard (Heihachi in Tekken: The Motion Picture, Tatsumi in Samurai X) as Yamamoto.

    DVD Extras: A-
    You get a director's commentary and video portfolios of character designs, vehicle & equipment designs and backgrounds.

    The Bottom Line
    If you just want an action flick and don't care about plot, go watch Spriggan. Otherwise, rent something else.
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    i give the story a little better, than c+, but not much. it wsnt really about that tho, great action throughout the whole movie, one of my favourates :cool:

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