COMIC A7 Review - Steel Angel Kurumi 2

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    Steel Angel Kurumi 2 ( |“S“VŽg‚*‚é‚Ý‚QŽ® )
    OLM/m.o.e./WOWOW/Pony Canyon, 2001
    ADV Films, 2003
    Directed by Naohito Takahashi (Berserk, To Heart).
    Rated 17+ for violence, T&A and HLA.

    Taking place 75 years after the first series, Steel Angel Kurumi 2 brings the Steel Angels in a new mis-adventure. High school student and aspiring cellist Nako Kagura accidentally discovers and kisses Kurumi Mk. II at her home, thus making her Kurumi's master. But things go awry as Nako's best friend Uruka gets jealous and tries anything - including her father's army of top-secret mecha - to destroy Kurumi and win back Nako. Things get more out of control when Saki Mk. II is awakened by Uruka, and Karinka Mk. II joins in to steal Nako away from Kurumi.

    "Honto ni hani-hani!" - Nako

    Story: C
    Story-wise, Steel Angel Kurumi 2 falls a bit short as it's not only a rehash of the first series, but a rip of Project A-Ko and at least a dozen other anime I can't name right now. Kurumi Mk. II even rips off Mazinger Z and Kotetsu Jeeg with her partner Can-1 - a robot dog that transforms into a jet pack or "mermaid pack" (I'm not gonna bother explaining this).

    Animation: B
    While the artwork is as clean as the first series, the animation itself is surprisingly not as dynamic. The fight scenes are somehow not as fun to watch as those in the original.

    Soundtrack: A
    Perhaps the only thing that doesn't get downgraded is the music. Toshihiko Sahashi (The Big-O, Full Metal Panic!) supplies a musical score that's just as good as the first series. The cello tracks may not be Yo-Yo Ma, but still very relaxing.

    Sub vs. Dub
    Reprising their roles from the first series are Atsuko Enomoto (Megumi in The SoulTaker, Rinna in DiGi Charat) as Kurumi 2-Shiki, Rie Tanaka (Morgana in .hack//SIGN, Lacus in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED) as Saki 2-Shiki, and Masayo Kurata (Shinobu in Love Hina, Sherrice in s-CRY-ed) as Karinka 2-Shiki. Houko Kuwashima (Sango in Inu-Yasha, Kagura in Azumanga Daioh), who played Nakahito in the first series, plays Nako in this installment. Also joining the cast are Mie Sonozaki as Uruka, and Kotono Mitsuishi (Excel Saga, Misato in Neon Genesis Evangelion) as Misaki.

    As far as ADV's English dub goes, I haven't seen it yet. Kelli Cousins (Celecia in Rune Soldier, Akari in Chance Pop Session), Monica Rial (Kirika in NOIR, Miharu in Gasaraki) and Hilary Haag (Nene in Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040, Menchi in Excel Saga) reprise their roles as the Steel Angels.

    The Bottom Line
    Not as good as the first series, but Steel Angel Kurumi 2 is still worth the laughs.


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