COMIC A7 Review - The Heroic Legend of Arslan

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    The Heroic Legend of Arslan ( ƒAƒ‹ƒXƒ‰[ƒ“í‹L )
    MOVIC/Kadokawa Shoten/Shochiku Film/SME/KSS Films, 1992-1994
    U.S. Manga Corps., 1994-1995, 1998
    Directed by Mamoru Hamatsu (Crusher Joe, B'tX) and Yoshihiro Yamaguchi.
    Rated 13-Up for graphic violence and strong language.

    by areaseven -

    Long ago, the kingdom of Pars was overthrown by the evil kingdom of Rucitania. Declining to surrender, Prince Arslan formed an alliance with five of his most loyal followers to defy the Rucitanians' reign of tyranny. With the help of other nations, Arslan led an army to regain his kingdom and become king.

    Story: A-
    Story by Yoshiki Tanaka (Legend of the Galactic Heroes). Much like Record of Lodoss War, The Heroic Legend of Arslan is well-written with a deep plot and an excellent cast of characters. Fans of the medieval genre will enjoy this series.

    Animation: B+
    Parts 1 and 2, being theatrical releases, boast some excellent artwork and animation. On the other hand, parts 3 and 4 are sub-par, even by OAV standards. Artwork is greatly improved in the "Age of Heroes" saga.

    Soundtrack: A-
    Norihiro Tsuru's musical score is an excellent blend of classica, medieval and middle eastern folk.

    Sub vs. Dub
    The Heroic Legend of Arslan features Kappei Yamaguchi (Ranma 1/2, Inu-Yasha) as Arslan, Kazuhiko Inoue (Ryukossei in Inu-Yasha, Mamoru in Blue Seed) as Darun, the late Kaneto Shiozawa (Shin in Area 88, Rei in Fist of the North Star) as Narcasse, Masako Katsuki (Michiru/Sailor Neptune in Sailor Moon, Natsume in Ranma 1/2: Akane and Her Sisters) as Farangis, Nozomu Sasaki (Mackie in Bubblegum Crisis/Bubblegum Crash, Yusuke in Yu Yu Hakusho) as Eram, Kazuki Yao (Iketani in Initial D, Judau in Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ) as Guibu, Masaru Ikeda (Revil in Mobile Suit Gundam) as Vafleez, and Shuichi Ikeda (Char in Mobile Suit Gundam, Captain Napolipolita in Project A-Ko) as Silver Mask.

    The English dub is filled with confusion and controversy. Manga Video dubbed parts 1-4 and retitled the series The Heroic Legend of Arislan (silly Brits think Arslan sounds offensive). When Central Park Media dubbed "The Age of Heroes", they were requested by KSS to retain the original names. Nevertheless, both English dubs suck.

    DVD Extras: C+
    U.S. Manga Corps.' DVD has a short feature on the name changes that occurred between the episodes. Aside from the DVD-ROM features, that's about it.

    The Bottom Line
    Arguably the best medieval anime since Record of Lodoss War, The Heroic Legend of Arslan makes a great addition to your collection.
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    This was a good anime from what i remember, it's been a long while since i watched it!

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